After i bought abortion pills, i was expecting it to be delivered within 3 days. but it came on the 4th day. never the less i was stilll eligible for taking abortion pills which i took as told by your team. they worked well. thanks


After having Cytolog abortion pills, I bled for consecutive 4 days and then stopped eventually. the experience was more or less painful. more than anything, I am happy with the final result which was a medical abortion with no complications.


This site is very beneficial. I ordered MTP Kit online and I got the delivery within 8 days. The abortion pills are very helpful and the procedure for taking MTP kit is very simple you just need to follow few steps and your abortion procedure begins. A safer alternative to surgical abortion. I Surely recommend MTP Kit for a medical termination.


I followed every procedure as told by your customer support person and I took the MTP Kit, it finished my abortion procedure within 6 days. Thanks to your website and customer support who guided me properly and I could complete my abortion procedure.

Nelly Galkina

My stomach pain was getting unbearable after taking Misoprostol pill, thankfully your customer care person helped me with a change in the diet that helped me a lot. It has been one week since I took the abortion pill. I am quite fine now.


Thank god that i found your website, i was pregnant and i was in search of the abortion pill. I found out this site and ordered generic ru486. I got my medicine delivered within 4 days and as soon as taking the medicine i got the results. This pill is totally recommended.


Thankssss. This was my first abortion and I felt very normal as if I am in my regular period. MTP Kit is such a great combination of both abortion pills which are very effective and give positive results. Thank you so much for delivering the pill on time.


I got very much worried when i came to know about my pregnancy. I was not ready for a baby at all so decided to do an abortion.Thank you abortionprivacy for delivering the pill on time.


Hello there! At the point when I breezed through the pregnancy assessment, My beau and I were dreadfully scared, the test was positive. We purchased Cytolog from website. We were nervous till the pills arrived after 6 days. I took them 3 times, as mentioned in the user manual. There was no positive effect on the first day. Furthermore, on the second day my monthlies began. Bleeding was heavier than normally. There was slight sickness. Thank you guys for guiding me correctly and making my abortion successful.


I ordered Mifeprex from this website, the delivery was very quick and the pills showed me desired result, I successfully had an abortion. Thanks a lot !


buying the MTP kit was quite a better option because the pills separately were costing too much. I am happy that pills worked good as you told me. leaving a review so that other women are also helped. I was struggling to know if the website is genuine or products are good. not disappointed! thanks much


i am 22 years old and i was not ready for child so early. i ordered cytolog pill online and took it, after 2 hours i started bleeding and it was paining so badly but i got rid out of my unplanned pregnancy safely.


I am from New York got my MTP Kit from this site, and I received my parcel with in 4 days. Thank you for the fast delivery and recommend it to all females. we are very lucky to have this abortion pills online. Painful experience but great results


Really good service, had a successful abortion,I am really thankful that you guys kept no need for me to consult a gynecologist for the procedure.


Thank you for delivering mtp kit on time and thanks for the guidance. Excellent service & products. Well recommended.


Great product, price, discrete delivery.


Very quick service Very pleased with my medication


Products are all they should be. Service is very good, even on line you can ask questions and receive answers from support team related to use of medications. Very good service, products, and delivery. Thank you.


Smooth process, happy with my order, quick delivery. Thank you


I would describe this service as safe, very discrete, personal and prompt with realistic prices and service charges. A first class online service. Thank you abortionprivacy


Order was well packaged and arrived on the day advised. I was kept informed by email on the status of the order at all times up to the delivery. great service and a very good product.


Very Easy to use web site, efficient ordering and delivery system.


I have no complaints. The best priced medicines on the market. Efficient and professional service.


Excellent customer Support. Received updated information at each stage of order processing. Delivery was very quick.


Very happy with privacy , service and medication I have received. Thanks a lot


Great service quick and easy no issues super speedy delivery.


From a very personal point of view this is a satisfying and trusted service with priority to privacy and a quality product for unwanted pregnancy. Very happy customer. Thanks


I use online shop, convenient friendly interface, good shipment service.


Excellent service . Very easy website to navigate and order from. Medication delivered very promptly and as promised.


Having used other on-line Pharmacies with mixed results i am very happy to say that the service received from abortionprivacy was excellent in all respects - online ordering simple and straightforward


Excellent Service, prices are very good compared to other online pharmacy's. Very happy with the service.


I have no complaints. The best priced medicine on the market. Efficient and professional service.


Asked a few medical question truthfully decision given very quickly. Excellent Service


Very simple and easy to navigate website with extremely competitive prices. Very Professional and helpful customer service.


5 star service, delivery very quick and the best prices on the net . Highly recommend!!


Wow all I can say is that.. this was very easy. More annoying then hurting. Just made me very tired. Don’t be afraid ladies. Yea it’s like a period with cramps and fatigue. That’s it. Thank you for delivering pill within 4 days.


Fast delivery. Packed properly, exactly what I ordered with correct usage information.Thank you


I took mifeprex and misoprostol when I was 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I took mifeprex on Friday around 12:45pm and took misoprostol on Saturday evening.At 6:11pm I took the misoprostol and set two on each side of my cheek for 30 minutes. I wound up gulping the rest of 6:41pm with water. Within my mouth was sore. I started to include squeezes inside the following 5-10 mins yet resembled solid period cramps. On a size of 1-10, I would rate the spasms around a 5-6 in number issues. Be that as it may, endurable. I had passed clumps inside the first hr and afterward had overwhelming period stream for the rest of the night until around 10am the following morning. The solid spasms diminished after the first hr and going of the coagulation, however I despite everything experienced issues on a 4-5 level and diminished down to level 1 for the remainder of the day on Sunday.


Very straightforward to order and get the right medicine. Quick delivery and updates all the way through. Highly recommended service. Thank you


Hassle free and quick delivery with the reassurance of a trusted professional service.Thank you so much.


I had taken Mifeprex and after taking the pill I did not experience any bleeding, so here customer support team told me to take Cytotec pill along with mifeprex. After taking the Cytotec I experienced bleeding. so I suggest you all not to take 2 pills separately you can buy MTP Kit as it contains both the medicine so it saves your money as well as time. Thank you abortionprivacy


I purchased generic ru486 from this website and i must say its an amazing drug for ending your unwanted pregnancy.I was scared before taking this pill because I was not aware of the consequences but took some advice from the customer care and they told me how to take the drug and what to expect and i didn't experience any side effects from the drug. Thank you abortionprivacy for delivery pills on time.


My experience was pretty smooth I took the tablets orally dissolving them in my mouth after a couple of hours I started to bleed and had strong cramps which was short lived.I must of passed the pregnancy tissue quite quickly as after about an hour the blood clots and bleeding slowed down it wasn't that heavy to start with anyway! I had no sickness although I felt sick sometimes again short lived. I recommend MTP Kit for a medical termination.Thank you

Nicole. K

I took misoprostol for an abortion. I was about 5 weeks pregnant.I was first given mifeprex, and took misoprostal 24 hours later. About an hour later I began to bleed. I didn't feel any pain, just little cramping. Overall this was an ok experience.

Mary. B

When I was 21 I found out I was pregnant & decided whether I was going carry to term or terminate. I decided to terminate via the abortion pill (Misoprostol) instead of a surgical/vacuum abortion. my experience was very positive I experience very minimal pain and discomfort. Thank you


Well, this is my second time doing it. The first time, I was 7 weeks, went to clinic and they gave me mifepristone in the office and then I had to take misoprostol at home the next day. This time, I am 9 weeks, did the exact same process I recommend this if you can deal with the blood and the pain and if you have somebody here with you.


I was prescribed this for a natural incomplete miscarriage. I inserted 5 pills as instructed and felt very light cramps. Did it again after 8 hrs per instructions and felt light cramps and some nausea. No major pain. Things began to come out the second time around. I could've done it a 3rd time but I believe everything came out. I know everybody is different, and we all have different reactions to medication. I just wanted to share my experience. I hope it helps others going through a very difficult time.


Great service, highly professional and great advice.Prices are competitive and fair and Fast delivery and well packaged. Thank You


Returning customer. Excellent and hassle free service as always. Thank you Abortionprivacy

Olivia. B

Little Bit disappointed with the delivery service, I received my package 2 days late, Rest all was ok price , packaging and products.

Isabella. G

I was looking for a good online pharmacy to buy abortion pills and who can deliver pills within 4 to 5 days and i found abortionprivacy, i read their shipping policy and spoke to their support team and after complete satisfaction i placed the order. I am happy with the result of these pills. Thank you very much.


Highly recommend this website to others who are looking for abortion pills. Fast and excellent service. Packaging was nicely done and ensured the privacy of women.Thanks a lot.


All-around an excellent service. Quick, efficient and easy to order website.


First time used their service and i must say they are best in the industry. Their support team is well trained and 24*7 available.Website is easy to navigate and user friendly and Easy to order items on line. Excellent service. Thank You Abortionprivacy


Great product. quick delivery service, I am very happy with it. Thank you

Jenny .D

I ordered this pill to terminate unwanted pregnancy because i am not mentally prepared for it, Though the pills arrived 2 days later the delivery date never mind I got good results from this pill. Thank you abortionprivacy


I ordered from outside of the US and was worried about the delivery time, but to my surprise they delivered MTP kit with in 7 days.Really appreciate the service!


Good thing about this website is that they sell pills which are FDA approved which made me feel really safe. Thank you abortionprivacy


I was Recommended your website from one of my friend. Quick service and great product prices.Thank you for your best service.

Lisa. B

Thanks, Abortionprivacy team for the abortion pills information and fast delivery.


The MTP kit came on time and the pills were FDA approved. Great service and support. A special thanks to live chat team for guiding me in the needed time.


The abortion medicines worked for me with no infection or other problems. I’m glad this website keeps up with its shipping promises! On-time service helped me successfully end my pregnancy. Thanks!


Thank you so much for the abortion pills. They came on time even in this COVID-19 situation. I really appreciate you taking efforts for us. While everyone is focusing on coronavirus, abortion access was a much needed service for women like me


My girlfriend and I don’t stay together. When i found out that we can still buy abortion pills, I was relieved. Though I couldn’t be with her when she was taking the medicines, I am really thankful to you guys for helping us out with the abortion process.


The abortion pills came safe and on time which I value the most. The pills worked fine. My body has stopped showing the symptoms of abortion. I think all the pregnancy tissues have been removed. Will take a home pregnancy test soon


The abortion pills were very effective. Performed my abortion at home.. My husband was with me when I was undergoing the procedure. Since he is from a medical background, we didn't have any problem end it at home.


Thank god medical abortion has become legal in my country. I would have panicked like anything if I couldn’t have got a safe abortion solution in this lock down period. Thank you so much for offering abortion pills. I really admire the fact that the pills came safe and necessary safety precautions were taken care of. I did throw away the package and washed my hands immediately after receiving the pills .


I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you for the pills.


Hi, I am 23 years old, I bought abortion pills from this website. They are a very effective and convenient way to end the pregnancy.


After taking the pill it started severe cramping and bleeding, it was very painful but my abortion got completed. Thanks very much.


After taking the pill as recommended I was very worried about what will happen next but everything was going smooth. Only the cramping was very painful but the procedure got complete.


I came here after my abortion is completed to thank you all for assisting me and guiding me through the procedure. Thanks a lot for sending the pills on time.


Quick response and easy to deal with an undesired pregnancy at reasonable prices offered by this online drugstore.


I was searching regarding medical abortion and it got with the help of blogs on this website. Thanks for guiding us with such information.


Hi, I am 25 years old. Firstly thanks for sending me the pills before lockdown. I took the pill as directed and got my abortion done.


I did not want to go to the doctor for abortion so I planned to order the pills online and I found this website. The pills came within time and it gave me positive returns very satisfied.


Thanks to everyone! I liked the service. great work is done even during the lockdown.


The pain during the abortion is very severe and uncontrollable so I took a painkiller and I felt relaxed. But it is an effective procedure.


Follow the proper instructions and you get it done right, take the pills on time and as suggested. I did it and got my pregnancy ended. The abortion pills are effective and show its result if taken within 8 weeks of gestation.


Thanks a lot. This was my experience of medical abortion and I seemed very common as if I am on a monthly period. it is such a fabulous pack of abortion pills that are very useful and give accurate results. Thanks for giving the pill before time.


Hi, thanks for sending me the pills on time before the lockdown. I ended my abortion during the quarantine period with proper rest and recovery.


I was confused so I call the customer care advisor and he solved all my queries. This website is amazing, in terms of service and quality of the medicine.


I was so scared that after taking the pills I will end my pregnancy or not but after taking the pills as said by the expert I began severe pain and cramps and after some time I saw blood clots passing. After a few days, I went for a checkup and got my test cleared. I am really satisfied. Thanks.


This is such an easy method of ending a pregnancy, just like a normal period. Thanks a ton!


A great procedure to end the pregnancy with. Thanks for the pills and for helping me with the steps.


Got the abortion done easily it feels like a normal period. Better than surgical abortion.


Keeping all the after-effects in the mind I took the abortion pills, but luckily I did not experience any severe side effects. Some common were bleeding and cramps that’s it. Much recommended procedure.


I was confused about the payment and called customer care. They guided me step by step and I was able to make the payment. Thanks.


A good and user-friendly website. They guided me about the process and abortion so I gave the pills accordingly to my wife and had the abortion done thanks a ton.


I was on my 6th week of pregnancy and I was scared if I could go for medical abortion as I did not want surgery. But luckily I found this website and they told me that I can take the pills before 8 weeks. So I ordered it and took the pills on time. Thank you so much.


Despite all the contraceptives I got pregnant when I was not ready to be a mother, so I took this decision. I bought abortion pills from this website and took it according to the procedure. During the first pill, I felt like vomiting but I did not vomit and took the second pill vaginally because of nauseous feeling. I finally got bleeding and the procedure got completed.


Hi, thanks for sending me the abortion pills. I know their delay issues due to lockdown but still, you are delivering the pills thanks for that.


Very good website, helping users with information even during the lockdown.


I was in a relationship and it was my biggest mistake as my boyfriend left me when I told him that I am pregnant. I was shattered but my sister took care of me and gave me an idea for abortion. I ordered the pills from this website and took it as said by the expert. I can’t explain how relieved I felt and sad too but I will never do this mistake again.


After taking the pill I was stressed about what will happen next. I went on the website and there it was mentioned everything about the procedure and what to expect. After reading it I was feeling a little better and took all the necessary things such as a painkiller, pads, hot water bag with me. Thanks for sharing such important information.


My husband was there with me in such tough times so that I could complete my abortion without any problem. Also thanks to you all for your guidance. I would surely recommend this website to my friends.


Thanks a lot for all the assistance, it would have never happened so easily without your experts. Thanks once again.


Keeping all the things in mind I started the procedure, as my pregnancy was just 2 weeks the procedure went smooth and I did not experience any severe problems.


I was very much astonished by the customer service which they provided. I got detailed information about the product and got all my queries solved within a fraction of minutes.


Knowing severe pain and bleeding I was very scared but after taking the pills I did not experience harsh pain as my pregnancy was 3 weeks. So it is better if you take the pills in the early stage.


When I ordered the abortion pills, I was worried if the medicines will work effectively but as I took the medicines following rules as said it showed a 100 % result.


I ordered the abortion pill at my home as there was no other option. I was worried if anyone sees the medicine but luckily the parcel arrived in discreet packaging and no one came to know what it was. So thankful to you.


My buying experience was good as I was a little concerned about the product but the medicine resulted to be very useful and genuine. This website is truthful and all the medicines sold are approved by the FDA.


When I ordered the medicine I was about to start my 8th week of pregnancy. I was worried if it gets delay then I would have a tough time during my abortion procedure but they delivered me before time and I took the medicine on time.


Hi, I am 26 years old. I was totally disturbed when I saw that my pregnancy test is positive. Due to financial issues, I and my husband had stopped planning for the child until the situation gets stable. So we thought of having an abortion and our expert suggested going for medical abortion as I was 2 and a half weeks pregnant. I purchased the pills from this website. I took the pill and got my pregnancy terminated successfully. Thanks a ton.


Order from this website, as I bought pills and they were really effective. I completed my abortion within a week.


If you do not want to experience any complication then I recommend you take both the abortion pills as recommended. Thank you.


Thanks a lot for helping me out through the procedure. As I was having nobody to guide you helped me thanks a lot. I completed my abortion smoothly.


If you want information regarding women’s reproductive health then this website is amazing. They provide good information which every woman should know.


My parents thought I am on my monthly cycle and I was going through my abortion. The best part of medical abortion is that you can end it in private without anybody knowing.


I took the pills as said by the customer care advisor and I experienced bleeding and cramping as soon as after taking the second abortion pill. The pills are very effective and complete the procedure with ease without any major surgery.


The delivery service is very good, they are delivering the medications for the safety of their customer. Thanks a lot for caring so much.


After taking the pills i observed big clots passing and found out that its normal during abortion. So within 3 days the bleeding got back to normal. Thanks a lot.


A great website to order abortion pills. Surely Recommended!


This website is user friendly, i was having a query and got it solved within a few minutes. Thanks for helping me and solving my query.


I was 4 weeks pregnant and i was going for surgical abortion then my friend told me about this medical abortion and i found this website. After searching about the procedure I found it easy and convenient. So i opted for medical abortion and got my abortion done easily. Believe me guys it is worth each penny.


My boyfriend and I had an unprotected sex and i got pregnant he ordered abortion pill from this website. We took this step as we both are still pursuing studies. I took the pills as suggested and i got my abortion done. Very much thankful.


Thanks a lot for sending the pills on time. I took them and had a successful abortion.


I took misoprostol with another pill of mifepristone to terminate my pregnancy. Extremely happy with the results from the absolute first day.


Thanks for sending me the pills on time, before lockdown as I would have not got my abortion completed if the pills would not arrive on time. Thanks once again.


The pill was marvelous! The doctor defined it as having serious cramping and pain however for me there was no pain or cramping at all.,. must buy.


I had a very good experience using Abortion pills. I had read many horror reviews. After using it myself I would recommend any women considering this option to not be frightened!


I was worried about my order, due to this lockdown, I thought it would get canceled but thankfully I got it delivered yesterday. Thanks a lot.


Must buy abortion pills from this website. They are 100% genuine and safe. I had a good experience.


I wanted to end my pregnancy in private so I thought of going for medical abortion and ordered pills from this website. They delivered me the pills in discreet packaging which was best. No one understood what was there inside. Thanks a ton.


Thanks for guiding me in the procedure. I followed the steps and had a successful abortion.


Before buying the pills from this website I was in doubt whether it is genuine or fake but thanks to the customer care team who made me believe in and helped me out to place an order and pay under the direction given by them. I also got my order delivered and the abortion pills were really effective.


The overnight shipping facility was very useful and helpful. As it was very late for me to wait for the standard delivery I choose an overnight shipping option and just got my parcel today. Thanks once again.


I was 5 weeks pregnant and I was tensed and worried a lot. I was not ready to be a single mother and thus I planned for pregnancy termination. I ordered abortion pills from this website and the website provided me the guidance and reassurance. I would surely recommend the site. They are very genuine and support you. Thanks once again.


I was going through a lot of stress and anxiety issues and I got pregnant in such medical issues so I thought to abort the pregnancy and so I ordered MTP Kit from this website. It got delivered to me within 5 days. Thanks for the help.


The abortion pills work just as expected. Amazing service offered by this company. Thanks a ton


Good website to buy the Mifeprex pill. It is really very effective.


Thanks for making me understand the procedure. I completed my abortion because of your help thanks a ton.


Great experience never thought abortion would be so easy without any surgery. Believe me its a good choice if you are scared to go for surgery.


I ordered abortion pills but I was very scared about the delivery time because I thought that most of the online sites are not genuine but this website delivered me the pills very fast and I found it very genuine.


I was very scared of pain that would happen in medical abortion so I kept a pain killer along with me. After taking the first pill I did not observe any pain but soon after taking the second pill severe bleeding and pain started so I took the pain killer and got relief. And finally after 2 days the bleeding got normal.


When I found out that I am pregnant. I was going through depression and anxiety. I was very scared but luckily I found out this pharmacy and I ordered MTP Kit and finally, the abortion has completed. Thanks a lot.


My sister and my friend both have used this abortion pill and they had a safe abortion. Thanks for helping us.


Purchased abortion pill at an affordable rate I would surely go for it rather than surgery.


Risk-free transactions and great services offered. I definitely suggest this website to every woman who is planning to end the unwanted pregnancy.


I was just 22 years old and I had sex with my boyfriend and I got pregnant. I was very disturbed but my boyfriend supported me. He ordered the abortion pills from this website and the customer care advisor guided us with the procedure. We also read some blogs and took the medicines accordingly. Thankfully I ended my pregnancy thanks to you all for helping us.


I found medical abortion with MTP Kit as safe and very secure. You just need to take the pill as recommended and your abortion is done. Surely recommended.


Good customer care services. Trustworthy website. Got the delivery within 10 days.


I followed all the protocols properly with great care and terminated my pregnancy.happy with the result.


MTP kit is the best medication for medical abortion. I’m glad my abortion phase was not as bad as I would expect it to be.


The mtp kit worked great! Thank you so much.


Happy to leave a review here! Cytolog pill is a great product and effective too. Thanks for the service efforts.


Nice medication. I really liked the service too. thanks a lot


Thank you so much...Good service. I am satisfied with the abortion pills bought from here. quite affordable and effective too.


I ordered the MTP kit from this site and I got it at a very reasonable price. Believe me, this is the best website for ordering the pills.


To maintain privacy and do not let anyone know, medical abortion is the best choice. So if you are planning for abortion and your pregnancy is within eight weeks then go for it. Totally recommended.


I was going through severe pain after taking the Abortion pill but after a few hours of passing the tissue, the pain started lowering and after that, I felt like I am on my period.


Thanks for guiding me for the payment of the order. I received my parcel today. Thanks.


I was 4 and a half weeks pregnant and I was not ready for abortion but due to my health issues, my husband suggested me to go for abortion. So I ordered abortion pills from this website and they delivered me on time. I took the pill on time and I got my pregnancy aborted. Now I will plan for the baby only after getting well.


Thanks for the advice. And guide me on the procedure. You people are the best.


I was worried about ordering the pills from this website but after reading the reviews I thought of giving it a try and ordered the pill from here I got the pills delivered. Thanks a ton!


I am here after completion of my abortion with MTP Kit. a very good combination of both Mifeprex and Misoprostol at a pocket-friendly rate. After you get it delivered it can be taken as recommended and your abortion procedure will begin. I ended my pregnancy within a week. So for those who are planning to end the pregnancy go for MTP Kit.


Best website to order abortion pills. Very genuine and they always help in clearing out doubts.


I placed an order from this website. They are really very genuine. Thanks for sending me the pills on time.


I was 2 weeks pregnant and I found that medical abortion with MTP Kit is the easiest way to end the pregnancy so I ordered MTP kit from this website and they delivered me on time and I successfully ended my pregnancy. Pills are really very effective.


I and my husband made it for the pregnancy but unfortunately, I began to face some medical issues due to which I was told to abort the pregnancy as it was not good for me and the baby too. So I opted for medical abortion and ended my pregnancy with ease.


The first symptom I observed was cramping from which I came to know that the bleeding will start and within 2 hours the bleeding started. For the first 3 days, it was severe and after that it became normal. That’s it. Rest I did not observe any side effects. Surely recommended.


The parcel arrived in discreet packaging which was a very good idea so that no one can identify what is there inside. A good idea to end the pregnancy in privacy.


Nice website to order pills, great deals, and supportive customer care service. Thanks a ton.


It was surprising as well as shocking that despite using prevention I got pregnant and I had to take this step. I ordered the MTP kit from this website and they told me how to take the pills. I took it accordingly and got my 2 weeks of pregnancy terminated. Thanks for such help and support it meant a lot.


This website is very helpful, they guide us in every aspect and all service offered is also up to the point. Must buy pills from this website.


Thanks for sharing the details and explaining the procedure. I understood it very well thanks again.


After taking the abortion pill I was very nervous and scared about the process but after taking the pill the process went very normal I almost felt like I am on my menstrual cycle. Thanks for delivering the pills before the mentioned time.


Make sure you consult your medical expert before taking the abortion pills as it is only suitable for pregnancy up to 8 weeks.


The bleeding is very severe but it reduces after the pregnancy tissue is passed out. Pills are very effective if you take it as recommended. Very satisfied.


The best online pharmacy I have found so far. They took my order even though my prescription was missing, I was able to buy abortion pills from here.


Thanks for the live chat option, the team helped me quickly and solved my confusion within a minute thanks again.


MTP Kit is a best kit for ending the pregnancy. Must buy.


This is a genuine website. You can easily buy abortion pills from here as they are very effective and trustworthy. I got my parcel within 6 days. Thanks!


Giving my review in advance. Thanks, team for helping me during the payment procedure. It was not possible with your help and this morning I got my tracking details as well. Thanks a lot.


Even if you are scared of the pain and bleeding you can ask your medical expert to recommend you a pain killer. Make sure you follow all instructions to avoid complications.


I was in stress and not at all feeling well as I did not think of abortion a single time but unfortunately, I had to do it because of my medical problems and financial problems too. so I planned for medical abortion as my pregnancy was 3 weeks. I ordered medicines from this site and they delivered me quickly, after taking the pill as said, I experienced the passing of pregnancy tissue. It was such a simple process. You should definitely go for medical abortion rather than surgical


I was going through depression and anxiety, due to my pregnancy. However, I found this online pharmacy who guided me about the process and how to take the pills. They were there through live chat to solve any kind of query. I am very thankful to them as I would not be able to do the process without them. Thanks once again.


I never thought that I can help myself with abortion with this abortion kit. I felt so amazed.


I was 7 weeks pregnant when I ordered 2 MTP kits and I was too concerned about the shipping and delivery but it arrived on the fifth day of my delivery thanks a lot!


The payments are hassle free and the price of the pills are pocket friendly. Surely recommended!


The pills are super effective thanks a lot. I had a successful medical abortion.


I was concerned about the shipping due to lockdown but thanks for sending me the pills. My parcel arrived a little late but it’s fine. I will take the pills now.


I heard about the MTP Kit from one of my friends. She told me it is very effective so i am ordering it for my medical abortion as i am pregnant and i cant continue the pregnancy due to my health condition.


I always buy the pills from this website. They are very genuine and trustworthy. They deliver the order within time. Thanks a lot.


The abortion pill is just a savior. You need to take the abortion pill and do nothing. The pregnancy will immediately come out with help of bleeding within 2-4 hours. That’s it.


Very effective pill for pregnancy up to 8 weeks. They should surely go for medical abortion.


The information mentioned on the website is really good. You get to know everything you need to know about women’s health care and reproductive care. Keep it up.


Thanks for the delivery, I was not sure that the pills will be delivered to me but you did. Thanks once again. I will surely recommend this website to my friends.


This was the 2nd time I took the pills and I felt the same as I felt when I was taking the pill for the first time. This is a very safe and secure procedure for me until now.


It was a tough day for me when it was time to take the abortion pill. But finally, I took it. I did not experience any severe issues and I felt it was a very simple procedure. now I have completed my abortion. Thanks to the MTP Kit.


MTP Kit is one of the best kits, for ending the undesired pregnancy you just have to take the pills as recommended and make sure to get an ultrasound checkup to conclude that the abortion is completed.


For complete abortion I personally recommend you to take MTP Kit as I had a positive experience during my medical abortion


Thanks to you people for helping in making a perfect choice.


Payments are hassle-free. The pills are really effective thanks for sending the pill on time.


The Generic RU486 is really effective. I ended my pregnancy with ease without any major side effects.


Communication is the best. They update you with all the details and I just received my parcel in discreet packaging yesterday. Surely recommended.


You can definitely take the pills and end your pregnancy in just simple steps. I had never thought that abortion was so easy.


If you are going out of time then please select overnight shipping as I was 7 weeks pregnant and ordered the pill with overnight shipping and got it delivered within 3 days. Thanks. You people kept this option.


This pharmacy is user-friendly and really easy to order pills from here. I bought the MTP Kit from this website. Really very very effective.


My order was quickly placed and shipped in a day during overnight shipping. Thanks for keeping this overnight shipping facility.


The bleeding was severe for 2 days but after that it became normal. I felt no severe side effects. A surely recommended process for women who want to abort an unplanned pregnancy.


The package arrived in discreet packaging. Thanks a lot. Pills were effective and I read all the information they are really genuine and trustworthy. You can buy abortion pills from here.


The pills are very effective, I got it from this website they are very much helpful in delivering the pills on time. Thanks!


I was just thinking about how the procedure would be as I was scared. But after talking to the customer care advisor and taking their advice I felt a little better and comfortable and took the pills accordingly. All my nervousness and fear went away and I successfully completed the procedure. Thanks a lot for helping me.


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Theresa L. Williams

My experience overall was great. I took the first pill Thursday and the misoprostol (4 tablets) orally(inside cheek) 24 hours later. The pain started hitting an hour after taking the misoprostol. I had visited the bathroom at least four times within those 4 hours. I started bleeding until 2 hours after taking the pills. Honestly, the bleeding was precisely like a heavy period. My cramping just felt like severe period cramps.

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I was recommended Mifeprex as I miscarried at 9 weeks. The specialist revealed to me I could take it orally or vaginally. He additionally endorsed ibuprofen and oxycodone for the pain. I began giving indications of my premature delivery mid-week so I chose to feel free to take them. they are really effective.

Amber Lassetter

I was ready for the more terrible and when I took the pill I ended up trusting that the pains will come. I am glad to state that it seemed like I was having a typical period. I had squeezes however the painkillers were effective. I terrified myself perusing all these awful stories just to discover it was nothing similar to what others said.

Olivia Simos

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I was on 3rd day of abortion where I saw that a big lemon size clot passing. After that my bleeding became slow and after the 7th day I saw spots. Medical abortion feels like a normal period.

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We had unprotected sex and I became pregnant. After testing the pregnancy test it came positive. I was not ready for surgery so I choose medical abortion. The pill that helped me with a successful abortion was Mifeprex.

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Coralie Langlois

I was 8 weeks pregnant & purchased MTP kit from I had 3 hours of unbearable pain. Yes, abortion is painful, I recommend that one must take Ibuprofen before taking Misoprostol and keep heat bags.

Elena Grigoryeva

I got this pill within 5 days of placing my order. Shipping service is pretty good

Bettye L. Corwin

The best pill to terminate early pregnancy easily. Thank you abortionprivacy


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Thanks a lot for your guidance. I ended my pregnancy successfully. Thanks again, support team!

Shawnta M. Fludd

Hey, thanks a lot for the information. I am very much surprised to know that there is an medical abortion which alternative to surgical abortion that has so much privacy. Thanks again.

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My friend suggested medical abortion as my pregnancy was 3 weeks old. I ordered Mifeprex and took it as soon as it got delivered. Within 4 hours I observed spotting and my abortion started. It was a simple and easy process. I recommend women to go for medical abortion if they are under 8 weeks.


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Hi, I am 25 years old. I had an unplanned pregnancy and I had to abort it but I did not want my family to know about my abortion so I went for medical abortion. It went successful and I did not observe any side effects. Thanks to abortionprivacy.

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This website is so user-friendly. The services are excellent and as mentioned. I had a good experience buying abortion pills. Thanks a lot.


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This website is just wow, they helped me during the desperate and tough situation of my life. I was a fool that I was in relation with a guy who left me when I told him about my pregnancy. But thanks again to abortionprivacy I can live freely now.


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Evelyn M. Mattison

Keeping all the things in mind I took Mifeprex and after 3 hours it started paining badly. I took the painkiller and then it was like a normal procedure. My abortion process got completed thanks.

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I am sharing my experience because I was scared when I had chosen medical abortion but after talking to the medical expert I got confident and I took the pills. I just experienced cramping but it was bearable.


Hi, I am 28 years old, this was my 3rd abortion, which was successful with MTP Kit without any side effects. Go for it ladies it really works and does not have any major complications.


Cytolog and Mifeprex are the best combination of abortion pills for ending an unplanned pregnancy. You can go for it.


I wanted to end my pregnancy as I was not ready for it. So I chose medical abortion as it gives you privacy and does not involve any surgery that the best part. Thank you so much.


Very Disappointed with the delivery service, Received my parcel 2 days late.


My friend suggested me MTP kit as she had a successful abortion with it. After speaking with the medical practitioner he told me to go for it. so I ordered it from this website. I took the pills and completed my abortion within 2 weeks. The bleeding was still there for a few days but now it has stopped.

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I ordered the MTP pill kit for medical abortion. It was urgent as I wanted to do an abortion ASAP and go for my job abroad. The delivery came a day before as mentioned. thanks.


I was pregnant for under 6 weeks and planned to go for the safe medication method. So I took an MTP kit, I didn't experience any other side effects than the common ones, it was safe.


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I ordered Mifeprex from this website. I got the order details and the customer care advisor also told me about the process of how to take. So I am going to take the pill now I hope I have a successful abortion. Will write the review again after the procedure is complete.

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Thanks to abortionprivacy for delivering me the Mifeprex pill on time. I choose overnight shipping and got it within 4 days.


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The right abortion pill, sanitary pads, heating cushions, 3-5 days rest, and few pain killers are all you require for doing a medical abortion at home.


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I am 23 and I think it's still very young to take the major responsibility of being a mother. I don't think that I am mature enough for that yet and that is why I terminated my pregnancy.

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