After i bought abortion pills, i was expecting it to be delivered within 3 days. but it came on the 4th day. never the less i was stilll eligible for taking abortion pills which i took as told by your team. they worked well. thanks


After having Cytolog abortion pills, I bled for consecutive 4 days and then stopped eventually. the experience was more or less painful. more than anything, I am happy with the final result which was a medical abortion with no complications.


This site is very beneficial. I ordered MTP Kit online and I got the delivery within 8 days. The abortion pills are very helpful and the procedure for taking MTP kit is very simple you just need to follow few steps and your abortion procedure begins. A safer alternative to surgical abortion. I Surely recommend MTP Kit for a medical termination.


I followed every procedure as told by your customer support person and I took the MTP Kit, it finished my abortion procedure within 6 days. Thanks to your website and customer support who guided me properly and I could complete my abortion procedure.

Nelly Galkina

My stomach pain was getting unbearable after taking Misoprostol pill, thankfully your customer care person helped me with a change in the diet that helped me a lot. It has been one week since I took the abortion pill. I am quite fine now.


Thank god that i found your website, i was pregnant and i was in search of the abortion pill. I found out this site and ordered generic ru486. I got my medicine delivered within 4 days and as soon as taking the medicine i got the results. This pill is totally recommended.


Thankssss. This was my first abortion and I felt very normal as if I am in my regular period. MTP Kit is such a great combination of both abortion pills which are very effective and give positive results. Thank you so much for delivering the pill on time.


I got very much worried when i came to know about my pregnancy. I was not ready for a baby at all so decided to do an abortion.Thank you abortionprivacy for delivering the pill on time.


Hello there! At the point when I breezed through the pregnancy assessment, My beau and I were dreadfully scared, the test was positive. We purchased Cytolog from website. We were nervous till the pills arrived after 6 days. I took them 3 times, as mentioned in the user manual. There was no positive effect on the first day. Furthermore, on the second day my monthlies began. Bleeding was heavier than normally. There was slight sickness. Thank you guys for guiding me correctly and making my abortion successful.


I ordered Mifeprex from this website, the delivery was very quick and the pills showed me desired result, I successfully had an abortion. Thanks a lot !


buying the MTP kit was quite a better option because the pills separately were costing too much. I am happy that pills worked good as you told me. leaving a review so that other women are also helped. I was struggling to know if the website is genuine or products are good. not disappointed! thanks much


i am 22 years old and i was not ready for child so early. i ordered cytolog pill online and took it, after 2 hours i started bleeding and it was paining so badly but i got rid out of my unplanned pregnancy safely.


I am from New York got my MTP Kit from this site, and I received my parcel with in 4 days. Thank you for the fast delivery and recommend it to all females. we are very lucky to have this abortion pills online. Painful experience but great results


Really good service, had a successful abortion,I am really thankful that you guys kept no need for me to consult a gynecologist for the procedure.


Thank you for delivering mtp kit on time and thanks for the guidance. Excellent service & products. Well recommended.


Great product, price, discrete delivery.


Very quick service Very pleased with my medication


Products are all they should be. Service is very good, even on line you can ask questions and receive answers from support team related to use of medications. Very good service, products, and delivery. Thank you.


Smooth process, happy with my order, quick delivery. Thank you


I would describe this service as safe, very discrete, personal and prompt with realistic prices and service charges. A first class online service. Thank you abortionprivacy


Order was well packaged and arrived on the day advised. I was kept informed by email on the status of the order at all times up to the delivery. great service and a very good product.


Very Easy to use web site, efficient ordering and delivery system.


I have no complaints. The best priced medicines on the market. Efficient and professional service.


Excellent customer Support. Received updated information at each stage of order processing. Delivery was very quick.


Very happy with privacy , service and medication I have received. Thanks a lot


Great service quick and easy no issues super speedy delivery.


From a very personal point of view this is a satisfying and trusted service with priority to privacy and a quality product for unwanted pregnancy. Very happy customer. Thanks


I use online shop, convenient friendly interface, good shipment service.


Excellent service . Very easy website to navigate and order from. Medication delivered very promptly and as promised.


Having used other on-line Pharmacies with mixed results i am very happy to say that the service received from abortionprivacy was excellent in all respects - online ordering simple and straightforward


Excellent Service, prices are very good compared to other online pharmacy's. Very happy with the service.


I have no complaints. The best priced medicine on the market. Efficient and professional service.


Asked a few medical question truthfully decision given very quickly. Excellent Service


Very simple and easy to navigate website with extremely competitive prices. Very Professional and helpful customer service.


5 star service, delivery very quick and the best prices on the net . Highly recommend!!


Wow all I can say is that.. this was very easy. More annoying then hurting. Just made me very tired. Don’t be afraid ladies. Yea it’s like a period with cramps and fatigue. That’s it. Thank you for delivering pill within 4 days.


Fast delivery. Packed properly, exactly what I ordered with correct usage information.Thank you


I took mifeprex and misoprostol when I was 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I took mifeprex on Friday around 12:45pm and took misoprostol on Saturday evening.At 6:11pm I took the misoprostol and set two on each side of my cheek for 30 minutes. I wound up gulping the rest of 6:41pm with water. Within my mouth was sore. I started to include squeezes inside the following 5-10 mins yet resembled solid period cramps. On a size of 1-10, I would rate the spasms around a 5-6 in number issues. Be that as it may, endurable. I had passed clumps inside the first hr and afterward had overwhelming period stream for the rest of the night until around 10am the following morning. The solid spasms diminished after the first hr and going of the coagulation, however I despite everything experienced issues on a 4-5 level and diminished down to level 1 for the remainder of the day on Sunday.


Very straightforward to order and get the right medicine. Quick delivery and updates all the way through. Highly recommended service. Thank you


Hassle free and quick delivery with the reassurance of a trusted professional service.Thank you so much.


I had taken Mifeprex and after taking the pill I did not experience any bleeding, so here customer support team told me to take Cytotec pill along with mifeprex. After taking the Cytotec I experienced bleeding. so I suggest you all not to take 2 pills separately you can buy MTP Kit as it contains both the medicine so it saves your money as well as time. Thank you abortionprivacy


I purchased generic ru486 from this website and i must say its an amazing drug for ending your unwanted pregnancy.I was scared before taking this pill because I was not aware of the consequences but took some advice from the customer care and they told me how to take the drug and what to expect and i didn't experience any side effects from the drug. Thank you abortionprivacy for delivery pills on time.


My experience was pretty smooth I took the tablets orally dissolving them in my mouth after a couple of hours I started to bleed and had strong cramps which was short lived.I must of passed the pregnancy tissue quite quickly as after about an hour the blood clots and bleeding slowed down it wasn't that heavy to start with anyway! I had no sickness although I felt sick sometimes again short lived. I recommend MTP Kit for a medical termination.Thank you

Nicole. K

I took misoprostol for an abortion. I was about 5 weeks pregnant.I was first given mifeprex, and took misoprostal 24 hours later. About an hour later I began to bleed. I didn't feel any pain, just little cramping. Overall this was an ok experience.

Mary. B

When I was 21 I found out I was pregnant & decided whether I was going carry to term or terminate. I decided to terminate via the abortion pill (Misoprostol) instead of a surgical/vacuum abortion. my experience was very positive I experience very minimal pain and discomfort. Thank you


Well, this is my second time doing it. The first time, I was 7 weeks, went to clinic and they gave me mifepristone in the office and then I had to take misoprostol at home the next day. This time, I am 9 weeks, did the exact same process I recommend this if you can deal with the blood and the pain and if you have somebody here with you.


I was prescribed this for a natural incomplete miscarriage. I inserted 5 pills as instructed and felt very light cramps. Did it again after 8 hrs per instructions and felt light cramps and some nausea. No major pain. Things began to come out the second time around. I could've done it a 3rd time but I believe everything came out. I know everybody is different, and we all have different reactions to medication. I just wanted to share my experience. I hope it helps others going through a very difficult time.


Great service, highly professional and great advice.Prices are competitive and fair and Fast delivery and well packaged. Thank You


Returning customer. Excellent and hassle free service as always. Thank you Abortionprivacy

Olivia. B

Little Bit disappointed with the delivery service, I received my package 2 days late, Rest all was ok price , packaging and products.

Isabella. G

I was looking for a good online pharmacy to buy abortion pills and who can deliver pills within 4 to 5 days and i found abortionprivacy, i read their shipping policy and spoke to their support team and after complete satisfaction i placed the order. I am happy with the result of these pills. Thank you very much.


Highly recommend this website to others who are looking for abortion pills. Fast and excellent service. Packaging was nicely done and ensured the privacy of women.Thanks a lot.


All-around an excellent service. Quick, efficient and easy to order website.


First time used their service and i must say they are best in the industry. Their support team is well trained and 24*7 available.Website is easy to navigate and user friendly and Easy to order items on line. Excellent service. Thank You Abortionprivacy


Great product. quick delivery service, I am very happy with it. Thank you

Jenny .D

I ordered this pill to terminate unwanted pregnancy because i am not mentally prepared for it, Though the pills arrived 2 days later the delivery date never mind I got good results from this pill. Thank you abortionprivacy