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Abortionprivacy offers a trustworthy source for obtaining authentic medical abortion pills, all while prioritizing user privacy and well-being. The platform provides a discreet and secure experience, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking genuine medication without compromising confidentiality or safety. The commitment to ensuring a reliable and confidential service makes abortionprivacy a commendable option in the realm of online healthcare.


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Madilyn Lewis

As an experienced consumer of this site, I’m writing this review to express my gratitude towards the team of abortionprivacy. They worked with great effort in fulfilling all my needs. Thank you so much.


When we got to know that I was pregnant, I and my boyfriend decided to terminate it since we were not ready for a child, especially this early. After researching online for a safe way of abortion, we stumbled upon this website, and after going through it we bought an MTP kit since it had the most known abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol. After using these, I had a pretty smooth abortion.

Sebrina Desmond

Thanks to my best friend, I got to know about this amazing site. It has all the information regarding what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. They supported me throughout my journey of abortion and fulfilled all my needs on time.

Yara Yuen

Abortionprivacy provides one of the best services when it comes to delivery and privacy. I really appreciate all the help that was provided to me on time during my journey of abortion.

Gabriella Garland

At first, I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to deliver the medicines that I bought on time but when they did, I was quite impressed.


I came to this site doing all the research that was needed and I already knew which pill I was going to buy to terminate my pregnancy. I bought mifepristone from here and as per all I got to know through my research, it truly worked efficiently.

Evelyn Thomas

The abortion pill pack is a remarkable solution with a variety of abortion pills, each addressing different symptoms during a medical abortion. Its comprehensive approach ensures a smoother, more comfortable experience.

Edna Horton

I really all the help and need you guys provided me on time whenever I asked. I’m glad to have chosen this to terminate my pregnancy of 2 weeks.


Thanks to my doctor I got to know about this amazing website. The team works so passionately to fulfill all my demands and needs on time. Keep up the good work team .

Sarah Jenkins

This site is best for those who are looking for a private means to end their pregnancy. They keep things confidential and help you throughout your abortion journey.


When my friend recommended I use mifepristone tablets to terminate my early pregnancy from here, I wasn’t so sure about it. But then I decided to go for it and now I’m glad I did.

Ciara Harris

My mind became confused due to an unwilling pregnancy, but with the help of Mifeprex, I am no longer pregnant.

Julie McLean

The situation of unwanted pregnancy I had was eating up my head daily and I was confused about what to do. I opted to try abortion pills and began my search on the internet and came across this site. I bought an MTP kit from here. The package came with instructions so it was quite easy to follow.

Anna Watkins

The team was there for me every step of the way. I felt truly grateful to them for answering all my queries and fulfilling all my demands on time. Thank you team abortionprivacy.


I used Misoprostol from this site and it was truly amazing. I felt some discomfort for a few days but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Terri Gibson

The abortion pill pack had several pills but it was not at all confusing. It came with instructions that I followed carefully and in no time had a successful abortion.


Medical abortion with pills was a sensitive choice for me. The process was straightforward, and the team offered valuable support. I encourage others to consult with professionals.


I recently had to make a difficult decision regarding my pregnancy, and after consulting with my healthcare provider, we decided that a medical abortion using abortion pills was the right choice for me.

Tiffany Anderson

I was extremely pleased with the support provided by the live chat executive. They guided me in selecting the appropriate pills and instructed me on how to use them. Thanks to their assistance, I successfully completed my abortion. I am truly grateful. You guys are the best!


When my friend suggested I use the abortion pill pack from here, she guaranteed that I wouldn’t be disappointed and she was right. I was so satisfied with it that I now recommend it to everyone close to me.


The unintended pregnancy was a turning phase in my life and thanks to the Abortion pill pack. I could turn the situation in my favor with an abortion.


I was under the impression that an Abortion pill pack would not be successful for abortion. But I was so wrong. In an emergency, these pills were the ones to get me through pregnancy termination.

Mary Berkley

Get an Abortion pill pack at the time of pregnancy termination. It is reliable and cost-effective.


Had a promising experience getting Abortion pill pack online Buying was just a few minutes of process and the customer care was so helpful.

Mary J

I feel resurrected from a depressed state to one of comfort over my unplanned pregnancy. I have found my happy place after using an Abortion pill pack for abortion.

Karla Lewis

When I faced a situation of unwanted pregnancy, I went to consult my doctor and he suggested I use the abortion pill pack from this site. Truly the pills were of amazing quality and they worked magic on my body.

Gabrielle Oliveira

Thanks a lot abortionprivacy for helping me decide which abortion pill to take to abort my pregnancy. After thorough research, I chose an abortion pill pack and the pills worked amazingly well. Highly recommended.

Pamela Taylor

When I got pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy, I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do. This situation was eating up my head and I just wanted to get out of it soon. So I started searching online for abortion pills and came across this website. I found the reviews quite helpful and bought an abortion pill pack from here. The pills inside it worked amazingly and I successfully had an abortion.


I had planned for a surgical abortion but I ran into a financial crisis and purchased a cost-effective Abortion pill pack instead. And that is exactly what I should have done at the very beginning because the medication method is better in terms of privacy.

Carol Martin

The abortion pill pack helps in terminating an unwanted or early pregnancy of up to 8 weeks. I used it when I was 2 weeks pregnant. I had light cramps and some bleeding, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.


Cytolog pills are the best. I was 2 weeks pregnant and my doctor suggested that I buy cytolog online. It was the best purchase as the effects were seen within 2 hours of taking the pills. Thanks a ton guys. You are great.

Roberta Myers

I recommend using an abortion pill pack as it has multiple abortion pills which makes it quite an easy task to have an abortion. When I used it, I was a little worried but I did it anyway and I’m so glad that I used it.


If you are someone who is looking to buy abortion pills from this site, then I’d recommend an abortion pill pack. I find it the best one among the batch.


Misoprostol tablets from this site are worth buying. They work quite efficiently and don’t even make you feel like you are having an abortion. Highly recommended!

Irini Slof

Thank you abortionprivacy for taking care of all my needs and demands throughout my journey of medical abortion. I appreciate it.


I must say, Mifeprex pills are my favorite among the batch. I had a hassle-free abortion using these pills. They are truly the best.

Sophia McCabe

I ordered abortion pill pack and thanks to the live chat for guiding me on how to take the pills. I took Mifepristone and Misoprostol and i felt like nausea so i took zofran and felt better. After some time the bleeding started and my abortion was completed i felt like i am on periods.

Rita Johnson

I never write reviews anywhere but here I am doing so because the abortion pill pack I bought from this site is just the best. One can immediately feel how good the pills inside the pack are.

Tiffany Harris

I’m amazed by how effectively the Generic RU486 tablets work in terminating a pregnancy. I’m grateful to my doctor who suggested I use these pills to abort my pregnancy of 5 weeks.


I appreciate all the efforts and hard work the team of abortionprivacy puts in. The entire team works passionately to fulfill all the demands and needs of the customers.

Betty Lavine

I bought the MTP Kit from here at such a good price, and I’m quite satisfied with how it works. Thank You abortionprivacy for providing such good quality medicines.

Clara Neal

I’m so grateful to my friend who recommended me to buy an abortion pill pack from here. The medicines in the pack work genuinely well.


I never write a review, but this time I’m writing one because the abortion pill pack that I used from this is truly amazing. I had a hassle-free abortion with some cramps and a little bleeding, it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Julita Symanska

Thankyou abortionprivacy for providing me with such an amazing quality abortion pill pack. I’m sure I’m coming back someday if I get into such a situation again.

Marthe Rodrigue

My unwanted pregnancy was eating up my head for several days, I went to my doctor and he suggested I use this site to buy an abortion pill pack. I’m really glad he suggested this site to me as the pills really worked magic and I had a smooth abortion.

Melissa Rogers

I had a quick and smooth abortion with the help of an abortion pill pack from this site. Thankyou abortionprivacy.

Madeleine Chauvet

Mifepristone tablets are one of the best abortion pills I have used. The instructions are so easy to follow and the procedure of the entire abortion was so smooth. Highly recommended.

Sherita Rooney

I used the MTP Kit from this site and the pills inside it worked genuinely well. I’m glad I got to know about this website through my friend.


I used an abortion pill pack from this website and I’m amazed at how good the pills in the APP work. The procedure and instructions were quite straight and I had a smooth abortion.

Lara McGrowdie

Thanks a lot Abortionprivacy for keeping abortion pill pack in your online store. I was searching for it and got your website. I have made the purchase and my order is on the way. Thanks for taking my stress away.

Gloria Lloyd

Selecting the Abortion Pill Pack was a decision that filled me with relief. This pack truly delivered everything I required, right down to the pills designed to manage nausea, pain, and bleeding. I wholeheartedly recommend it for the convenience it offers and its thorough, all-encompassing strategy. If you're seeking a solution that covers all bases, this is undoubtedly the one to consider.


I'm relieved I chose the Abortion Pill Pack. It provided all I needed, including pills for nausea, pain, and bleeding control. Highly recommended for its convenience and comprehensive approach.


I am incredibly grateful that I opted for the Abortion Pill Pack. This all-inclusive package was a true lifesaver. Not only did it include the essential abortion pills, but it also came with three additional pills designed to tackle nausea, pain, and bleeding. These extras made a world of difference in managing the process. I can confidently say that this comprehensive pack exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse it to others who might be in a similar situation, as it truly encompasses all the necessary medications in one convenient package.

Ella Adamson

If you ever want a supportive pharmacy for abortion, then abortionprivacy is the one. You can obtain Mifeprex pills on fast shipping within the USA.


Thank god I took an Abortion pill pack. It's all in one pack. I got 3 additional pills for nausea, pain, and bleeding control. It was really helpful. I will definitely recommend it as it has all the pills.

Amanda Cooper

Thank you for keeping Mifepristone still available. It is an understanding that medication abortion is effective but still, some people think otherwise. I want to say to them, grow out of mythical thinking. Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone and works well if you take it orally on day 1. But do not overdose. I do not know why there is so much controversy these days about this medicine. However, I hope they get over it soon and let Mifepristone be used for medical abortion.


With Misoprostol, you can abort a pregnancy without hospitalization. And I think that adds to the meaning of why medical abortion is preferred by us women.

Andrea Smith

Being a homemaker, privacy meant the world to me and at the time of abortion, the pills were thus my primary choice. Thanks AbortionPrivacy for the pills.


It has been a while since I successfully took Generic RU486 for abortion. Now that I am completely well, I am here to drop a review that the pills are great, you can use them in early pregnancy and naturally miscarry. The medicine is a progesterone blocker and has the function to start the abortion by removing the fetus and pregnancy tissues from the attachment to the uterine wall. I feel it did the job otherwise after using the second pill, I would not have ended the pregnancy this soon and so safely.

Brooklin Wesley

AbortionPrivacy has been a trustable mate in guiding about Generic RU486 abortion and is available 24x7 to answer queries related to it.


Is an unplanned pregnancy deterring you from your track? I have a solution, why not try abortion pills? I did when the pregnancy hindered my career. And it is totally dependable.


If you need authenticity, then MTP Kit pills are the ones to go for. These are safest for medical termination and you can end your pregnancy in a short time.

Rebecca Connor

A colleague of mine recommended me this website and ever since then I have been recommending it to people I know.


I want to draw attention to this outlet. It has quality Misoprostol pills and you can find everything at this one-stop place for your pregnancy termination.

Shana Martin

I have been on the road of making some important choices for pregnancy and thanks to Mifeprex medicine, I got the pregnancy terminated without much noise around my decision.

Kristal Smith

The Misoprostol charges were reasonable, and the inconspicuous packaging of the pills increased my peace of mind. Therefore, if anyone requires a medical abortion, I suggest trying out Abortionprivacy

Margaret Smith

Abortionprivacy ensured my well-being with repetitive follow-ups throughout my at-home abortion journey. The providers made me feel secure and valued.


Thanks a ton for the quick delivery. I was very worried that the pills get delayed as I was on the verge of starting my 6th week and didn't want to waste more time. Thank you so much team Abortionprivacy.


This website is just wow. Quick assistance from the live chat team. They are improving themselves every time. This is my on-the-go pharmacy for Abortion pills


I am giving 5 stars to this website. They are really genuine and I got my pills in discreet packaging. What do I need else? Thank you once again. Highly recommended.

Andrea Sanders

I appreciate their transparency about the abortion pill cost. The timely shipping and delivery of products were commendable. A reliable service that I would use again.


I can't seem to recall any time when Abortionprivacy has let me down. Their service has consistently been top-notch, and I trust them as a reliable provider. I've ordered from them multiple times, and each experience has been smooth and hassle-free. Their customer support team is always ready to assist with any queries, and their politeness is truly commendable. Knowing that I can rely on them during sensitive situations like this brings immense peace of mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Abortionprivacy to anyone seeking a trusted source for their needs.


First and foremost, the speed of delivery was nothing short of remarkable. Upon placing my order online, I swiftly received confirmation of shipment, and to my amazement, the package arrived at my doorstep within a remarkably short time frame. The company's ability to expedite the delivery process was especially crucial for me, as I urgently needed the product, and they performed flawlessly in meeting my needs.

Lisa Sanders

Experienced experts offer precise pregnancy care and Mifeprex abortion advice. High-quality pills assured.

Ashley Johnson

Dedicated team providing reliable abortion support worldwide. Trustworthy and committed to assisting women in need.


Legit website, trusted and effective. Followed instructions for abortion pills, worked as expected. Happy with results, highly recommend!


After analyzing different pharmacies, I selected Misoprostol from Abortionprivacy because they offered me the medicine to my remote location at the lowest possible expense.


Crunching the cost to the minimum is a smart way to assist women in need who are looking for affordable abortion pills online. Thank you, Abortionprivacy.


I defended my share of health rights by taking Generic RU86 for abortion. Will you? If so, then you can always revert to this website for quality medications.


So much for the misogynist attitude of society. As a woman getting an MTP Kit is essential for medical abortion. And I would not have stood up for the medication method if that had not worked for me.


I am released from the pressures of an unplanned pregnancy at last. The Generic RU486 abortion pill was eminent in making this happen.


I had too much on my plate with an unintended pregnancy and got my hands on the Mifepristone pill just before I hit the non-eligibility mark. Thanks for the fast shipping. I was able to get an abortion in the 8th week of pregnancy.


Slick as anything, the MTP Kit pills are quick in ending a pregnancy and you can continue the abortion medicine course at home.


MTP Kit abortion will surely be a success because you get the benefits of both Mifepristone and Misoprostol.


From the bottom of my heart, I thank the customer support team for letting me know about a drop in the Mifeprex pills cost, while they could have easily hidden the details. So transparent.


Racing against the time, I counted my days out on pregnancy and as it progressed, I got more and more tense. Just when I hit the 5th week, I knew I could not delay the abortion anymore and immediately ordered mtp pills. All thanks to Abortionprivacy for their help and kindness.

Chloe Richards

Online consultation if you need any assistance with medical abortion queries. That is their unique point as a pharmaceutical provider.

Kyle Henderson

I was overwhelmed by so many options for abortion pills. Thank you for also keeping Mifepristone in your store.


Why I picked Abortionprivacy because of reputed abortion pill brands and fast shipping.

Elle McKenzie

"I was facing a difficult situation without anyone to support me, making it incredibly challenging to continue my pregnancy. I decided to undergo a Cytolog abortion at home, and it turned out to be a smooth process. These pills truly offer liberation from unintended pregnancy. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a safe and private option.

Charlotte Espada

Proficient experts with the right advice on pregnancy care and abortion with Generic RU486. Pills of high quality.


I am through a medical abortion with Misoprostol pills and it was a super simple procedure.

Angela Saunders

Abortion pills online are cost-effective, highly recommended, and do terminate an unplanned pregnancy.

Carla Sanderson

Mifeprex pill is renovative in women’s care. It is actually a safe abortion pill that delivers accurate results.

Claudia Charleston

I hope other women too benefit from fast shipping for Mifeprex pills. I got mine within the duration of 3 days of placing the order.


Online care about pregnancy and abortion is available for free here. Thanks for the assist.

Kelli J

Misoprostol pills are corrective for your life because they can get you rid of an undecided pregnancy in a jiffy.


I must say, it is MTP Kit is a safe medication for women who need to abort their pregnancy in the first trimester.

Christelle Gosselin

With the ongoing scenario in the United States, I thought it is best only to take Cytolog pills for abortion. Though I bled for a longer time, it was a successful procedure


Received loads of encouragement and support from the team. Thanks for the Mifeprex pills.

Catherin Sanders

I bought abortion medicines for the first time from the outlet and was quite satisfied with their care and facilities.

Haley Morelos

Performing well and best for your abortion care - MTP Kit is the one you should go for.


Get Cytolog online and encounter an easygoing termination at home. The pills are also cost-effective.


Mifeprex pill helped me get past an uneventful pregnancy. Thanks for providing the medicine with fast shipping.

Kimberly Johnstone

With Misoprostol pills, I ended my 7-week pregnancy and phased out the unplanned pregnancy within a few days.


The choice of abortion is a difficult one but the easy availability of MTP Kit made things better for me. Thank you.


Want to buy MTP Kit online then is your destination. It offers fast shipping and helpful care to everyone.

Angela Hampton

Mifeprex cost USA is affordable. You can get the pill in 3 to 4 days only.


Mifepristone pill is relevant for pregnancy termination. I will suggest this product from the Abortionprivacy store.


Nothing to worry about or complain about. You can go ahead with the pharmacy for abortion pills online.

Erika Martin

I used Mifeprex and am completely out of the pregnancy phase. It was literally stressful otherwise to carry an unintended pregnancy.

Elizabeth Powell

Abortion medications online improve access to women’s healthcare. Keep up your initiative team.

Debra Stein

Secured payment and browsing. Thanks for the privacy and medical abortion information.


Misoprostol pills are any day the most effective abortion pill, which can be used in early pregnancy by adult women. Recommended purchase.

Stacey Hodson

The MTP Kit price made me finalize the deal here because it is quite within budget. Thank you.


Mifeprex medication for abortion. Do buy it, you will not be proven wrong about your decision for in-home termination.

Vergie Williams

Got Cytolog delivered in a well-packed sealed package with no details of the product revealed upfront. I am content they considered my privacy over everything.

Marie Michael

My partner and I put a hard thought behind our decision to end the pregnancy and went ahead ordering Misoprostol online. Got success with abortion.

Annette Romano

My sincere thanks to Abortionprivacy for availing Mifepristone in such difficult times when people are highly de-sensitized around the world about medical abortion.


Buy MTP Kit pills from Abortionprivacy store because you will get complete support and respect from the team. With queries answered and understanding peeps on the team, you will feel much better about your situation.

Mary Wallace

Regarding Cytolog pills, I can say the abortion was quick. It took a day or so for the pregnancy portions to completely vacate out.

Shirley Brown

Mifepristone medication is essential no matter what is the ongoing debate. I am for abortion care always.


Buying abortion pills from Abortionprivacy was the most convenient experience with a wide catalog of pills and easy purchase.

Pearl Johnson

The shipping, as well as customer care, were satisfactory. A necessity store for women looking for Mifeprex pills.


I do not want to be a mother again after being a parent of 3 kids. So, my very first option for abortion was MTP Kit because the pill method, as I have heard and gathered from friends who have used the product, is safe, reliable, and cost-effective.


Been wanting to recommend an abortion pill that you can rely on and after using mtp kit, I guess that it is.

Natasha Daniels

What matters is what you think about yourself. If you love yourself and want to take care of your unintended pregnancy then without further delay, buy mtp kit. It is recommended pill for abortion. I have also taken the medicine personally and can say it is excellent in its purpose.

Iva Frank

Thanks to this store for abortion pills online, I was able to create an account and place instant orders within a few minutes. The payment method is easy.

Betty Emanuel

I wholeheartedly endorse their service to any individual looking for online abortion pills on fast shipping.


It fills me with joy to know that they are extending their compassionate assistance to those who are most vulnerable and in dire need of MTP Kit pills.

Gloria Harrison

Fast, patient, and loving – Abortionprivacy is the store for you if you need Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills at a lower price, but working fine.

Patricia Campbell

If you want to purchase Cytolog pills, there are many places that can be found. But nothing is better than abortionprivacy because here you can consult experts without being charged and find all the information you need about medical abortion at your fingertips.


On every purchase on the site, you get to choose the shipping option for your order. I have bought medicines twice from their store. And both times, I got my abortion pills on time without delays or disappointments.

Kathy Leonard

The reason I purchased the Mifeprex pill is that it is different from invasive pregnancy termination. I could take it personally at home and experience abortion within 2 days.


The store had crafted one of the finest support systems out there, catered towards individuals looking for medical aid in MTP Kit abortion pills.

Jany Cole

They delivered misoprostol in the recommended time frame. The shipping was quite fast.

Melissa Gomez

Thank you for monitoring my requests and giving me access to MTP Kit pills in an instant.


The internet is saturated with pharmacies but Abortionprivacy stands out because of its quality service and Cytolog pills, along with fast shipping, transparent policies, and cost-effective medicines.

Jamie Johnson

All you need to do is order your abortion pill and it will be delivered right to your door within a few days.

Sierra Larson

Despite nausea that lingered for a day, overall, Misoprostol pills did expel the pregnancy portions in time and I was free from pregnancy in no time. Thank you.


The healthcare professionals are always at your back, ready to address your concerns with prompt responses about abortion that will put your mind at ease.


The store provided surprising medical attention that I had not expected considering it is an online pharmacy. However, being an abortion pill store, they were particular about privacy, service, and everything.

Eileen Roberts

The team’s consolidated efforts relieved me of all the ties to tensions I otherwise shouldered due to the unintended pregnancy. Also, the Mifeprex pill is something to trust for abortion.


Efficient communication, they delivered the correct pills in discreet packaging. Their technical support is quite reliable.


I was going through a cruel emotional state due to my unplanned pregnancy. The timely decision to take misoprostol pills for abortion got me through the situation somehow. But that would not have been possible without the healthcare support from Abortionprivacy.

Mary Jones

The store took care of me from the beginning to the end of placing the order. I was slightly nervous about using MTP Kit pills. But they took away my worry by detailing the procedure very well.

Elaine Adams

I owe them my sanity. Cytolog pills for abortion do give you cramps and bleeding but that is what happens during pregnancy termination. You can at least say goodbye to the pregnancy early.

Celia Richardson

Professional at the same time understanding. Thanks for the quality mtp pills.


Customer care, logistics, and expertise – you will receive everything at your fingertips for an abortion pill purchase online.

Gina Bright

Distance is no deal for them. Because I saw that they have abortion pill shipping facilities within the U.S. and overseas.

Brandy McKinney

It was a get-set-go procedure with pills in hand. The MTP Kit intake instructions were easy to follow. Thanks for the advice.

Janelle Dennis

Straight and upfront about the abortion pill cost. Timely shipping and delivery of products.

Shirley Christian

Many people depend on the abortion experiences reported. The reason I am quoting the store for abortion pill purchase is for the same reason so that women customers can understand the safe place to buy from.


You will see that the abortion pill cost is lower compared to several other outlets on the internet. So, you can definitely buy from Abortionprivacy instead.

Patricia Sanchez

Great to know that your team has the will to help women with abortion no matter where she is located. Pretty trustable as far as delivery is concerned.


A rewarding and satisfactory abortion. The pills are capable to terminate an early pregnancy.

Kathy William

The experts ensured I was well aware of precautions for MTP Kit abortion when I asked them for tips. It was a positive experience because the outlet has an organized team to assist you when you want them.


100% recommended for women’s care and pregnancy termination with Cytolog pills.

Maria Andreasen

I love everything about the store from its facilities, Mifeprex pill affordable cost, discreet packaging, and customer care 24 x 7.

Belinda Marsh

Compassionate, and professional about what they practice. I ordered mtp kit from their store. Delicate, courteous, and gentle about dealing with users.


Regardless of where you stay in the United States, you can buy MTP Kit online USA and get the pills on overnight shipping.

Leona Thompson

Hands-on guidance and attention to your health, thanks for the Misoprostol pill online.


I have deep respect for their team and the awareness they spread about the abortion pill’s safe use. The medicines at the store are also efficient. I have taken one product already for pregnancy termination.


Do not get carried away by weird feedback on abortion pills. Mifeprex pills do work, and they stop pregnancy to help you out of an unintended pregnancy without many side effects. You can indeed buy online and even get some relief on the cost.

Donna Bryant

Fast and better than several comparisons for the Mifepristone pill online. I liked their compliance with customer privacy and security.


Best instructions about the abortion pill! Any layman can understand it.

Ruth Henderson

I had an amazing experience with abortionprivacy. The service was top-notch and the staff went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. They were friendly and knowledgeable about the products. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for excellent service. Thank you so much for the great experience!

Sharon Clark

Just received my order and I am amazed at how fast the delivery was! I ordered yesterday and it arrived today. Thank you so much @abortionprivacy for the excellent service!


Fast delivery of abortion pill shipment. You will find the store useful.

Victoria Gomez

Benefit of 100% privacy made my experience with medical abortion worthwhile. Thanks.


I am very happy with the customer care of the website. They made a very awkward situation simple and understanding as I was initially not sure about using abortion pills.

Nora Myers

Abortionprivacy is a trusted provider. I have so far never faced any trouble ordering from this store. Always helpful and polite.


I was scared that people around me will know that I am going to get an abortion. But the platform assured discreetness, which relieved my tensions instantly.


Thanks a lot for the immediate service and product delivery. The abortion pill procedure is as easy as it gets.


I will remember the care, love, and timely support more than the abortion pills that the website provided me with.


It is so much better to have an online store to virtually counsel you on your abortion needs than traveling to a hospital for the same. I just received misoprostol pills and I am going to take them today.


Firstly, they are careful about privacy and have a safety net in place at every step. Secondly, abortion pills are cost-effective. Thirdly, the medicine does cause pregnancy termination. And I suppose these three reasons are enough for me to return in case I need the service.

Maria Alexander

I am fastidious but the customer care was pretty amazing in telling me about the use of abortion pills even though I doubted the site’s reputation initially. But they took it in their stride and helped me with queries over the day whenever I messaged them privately. I think they are quite convincing and their service is more than ordinary you will find on the thousands of websites that offer medicines for pregnancy. This is the very reason I chose Abortionprivacy for the pregnancy termination kit.

Julieta Stewart

If you think pregnancy is not meant for you, then abortion pills are the remedy. I purchased the MTP Kit, and it assisted me to end the pregnancy without burning a hole in my pocket.


Unconventional and upbeat support system. I grade this website an A+ for abortion pill delivery.

Rebecca Douglas

The store has equipped facilities for women’s care that anyone can benefit from. Thanks for the abortion pills.

Jeanne Kelly

All-time availability makes the Live Chat corner helpful for any questions you may have about medical abortion and unplanned pregnancy.


Quoting the website or abortion pills. Trust it, I could end my pregnancy without any disturbance because of medication from this outlet.


An impressionable list of abortion pills. I got the product according to my healthcare provider’s advice quite easily here.

Emma McWilliams

Standing up for women and their need for healthcare is a brave front. Thanks for keeping up with it by providing abortion pills.

Elizabeth Gray

Thanks for the delivery of abortion pills. It was on time.


This is the right place to be if you want MTP Kit pills for abortion. The medicine was of exceptional quality.


Clear and well-explanatory information on medical abortion on this site. You can read and understand before purchasing abortion pills online from this store.

Jenny Rhodes

It was an ordeal of unplanned pregnancy, and closure to it was all I wanted. Thanks for the pills.


Regarding customer care, it was a wholesome experience. They are available 24 x 7 and that’s what makes the site more feasible.


Getting the right care for your unexpected pregnancy online is the best thing to happen if you need an abortion pill delivery at your address. It helped me greatly.


They clarified my questions on abortion pills within the first few mins I spent here. I feel they are genuine, just ordered an MTP kit.


Did an in-depth study on medical abortion and online pills before relying on Abortionprivacy. And thanks to my fate, I have got amazing support from the team.


Thank you for having unsuspecting professional standards for fast shipping and home delivery of abortion pills.


I salute the honesty of the outlet. When I told them that I was seeking medicines for aborting my ectopic pregnancy, they told me that I should not use the medication method but consult my healthcare provider for the best option. After talking to a physician, I got to know that I required in-clinic treatment for my condition.


I was pregnant for over a month and was looking for abortion pills near me when I was referred to Abortionprivacy. It is indeed a pretty cool store for pregnancy care.

Lana P

Finding abortion pills in my area is a pain in the neck so I always preferred online healthcare stores for it. Abortionprivacy was my very first choice and I do not repent it.


Curious about medical abortion for an unplanned pregnancy, I visited the site two months back to order MTP Kit. Not just that my curiosity was satisfied, but the support I received is something to be thankful about.


Having relied on Abortionprivacy, my pregnancy issue is gone forever. The pills were helpful.


The Zen-like speed delivery made my day. Thanks for being this supportive.


It is handy to have an online store you can trust for your abortion medications. Thank you.


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I started with 4 tablets of Misoprostol yesterday at 11 AM and had some cramping and nausea in the beginning. Then 2 hours later, I felt major cramping and bleeding. Felt the chills, but I was warm enough in my room. Stacked up with towels and pads, was ready for what was to come. I passed a lot of blood in the next few hours. It was definitely different from the regular period because there were several clots and tissue-like clumps. After a week I was already impatient because I felt that there was no pregnancy now. So, I went ahead with the ultrasound scan and which told me I had already lost the pregnancy. Happy about achieving success in a short time.


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My memorable abortion experience is what I am here to retell. I have to assure you all that abortion pills deliver results. So, I initiated the procedure with Mifeprex 200mg. Yes, do remember to take this orally. Then wait for a day at least to proceed with the next stock of 4 pills. I had inserted the pill vaginally and I bled a lot afterward and the cramps just made me go crazy. Thank me later, but you girls, please get some painkillers beforehand to make the pain go away. Even if you see something gray or so in the blood, relax, they are the pregnancy tissues and I think I even saw the embryo, I am not sure, it was too small. By the end of the third day, I felt lighter and the pregnancy symptoms ebbing and fortunately, the scan for pregnancy revealed there was no fetus or remains in the womb anymore.


I have noticed that the website is quite prompt in responding to queries and I like this feature.


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Claudia Smith

Free advice on abortion is what got my trust for your website.


Requesting you to keep up the services because women like me do need your support.


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Hey, I got a negative result on pregnancy after successful medical abortion. Thanks.


Some of the effects I had to worry about were lower abdomen pain and nausea, which could be due to the bleeding and cramps. But the pills were genuine.

Elizabeth Nollette

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Martha Jones

Very thoughtful of you all to have a live chat service for customers.


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Linda Rankin

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I hardly faced any side effects except nausea. Quality pills for early pregnancy.


I wanted to keep my decision for pregnancy termination personal. Was hell worried if anyone else would get to know about the pills I ordered. But received the pills in a discrete package. My roommate picked up the package at the doorstep on my behalf, and she did not even get to know what was in the envelope!


What I liked the most about this website is the prompt communication.


Punctual service, get the pills before the designated time.


Like the site name goes, I got the necessary guidance for abortion in privacy.


After I missed my period my body started to feel weird. I took many tests, and they all came back positive. In such a mentally anxious situation going to the hospital was not an option for me, so began to find drugstores to shop for abortion pills on the browser. Luckily, Plan C led me to this website. The pills for abortion were affordable, and it was legitimate. So I bought them and followed the instructions. I must say that my abortion went off without a hitch. The team is both pleasant and highly competent. I'd advise anybody to use their services. Thank you.


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Believe me, these meds are extremely effective. But, I experienced vomiting, severe cramping, and a lot of bleeding, which faded after a few days. The rest of the outcomes were as expected. Thank you very much.


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Shirley J

I never buy anything without first reading reviews, so when I discovered this site I read so many wonderful things about it. I'm glad I bought them from this website.

Claire Veronneau

I had major cramping episodes after using these pills, but in the end, my abortion was successful.

Irene R

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This pill works pretty quickly on me, I mean I got my abortion within a week. But, yeah, I had far more terrible cramps and bleeding than usual.

Maya Scurry

All expectations were met; including great service.


Got Satisfying results with this abortion pill.

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Thank you for providing me with the pills during such an emergency period.


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Good abortion pills. But, it had some side effects. I felt a bit “off” for a few hours, but now I’m feeling good.

Betty Johnson

Great website! It’s good to order the pills online as a spare for emergencies. Thanks.


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Second time purchasing these pills. I've taken this previously, and it still worked the same for me. Thank you.


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The Cytolog tablets are quite effective, and this is the second time I've had a great result by just using them. Thank you very much.


An MTP kit was a savior for me. I was worried about early unwanted pregnancy but this pill helped me to get rid of it. I feel so relieved now. Thank you.

Lisa Wilson

I've read a bunch of positive reviews regarding abortion pills, but to be honest, they act differently on different people. However, with Mifeprex, they performed as expected. My abortion went off without a hitch. Thank you.


Mifeprex works well for me. However, I had headaches and nausea after ingesting. The good thing is that they only last two days. Furthermore, abortion was a success. Thanks.


Millions of thank you! I'm 18 years old, and I was scared of being pregnant. Because my parents are so restrictive, I needed a quick solution that I could do at home. And, happily, I came upon this site. I used the MTP kit and was able to get an abortion in just 14 days. I am satisfied with the results. Thanks again.


All good! The price of the Generic RU486 is budget-friendly. The product packaging is good and they worked so effectively on my abortion. Overall, I had a good experience. Thank you.


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Hannah Norris

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Danielle Richardson

I followed the instructions and took the abortion pills. The results were just as expected. The only drawback was that I felt sleepy all day, which went away soon. However, I got my abortion done successfully. Thank you.


The Cytolog abortion pills are very affordable and of good quality, thanks to Abortionprivacy for timely delivery. Much Appreciated. Thanks again.

Rebecca Marquez

The Mifeprex pills were recommended to me by my gym buddy. She shared her views on these pills. So I bought them. I Just got my package and will use them from tomorrow. Fingers are crossed. Thank you Abortionprivacy in advance.


Hi there! I have been suffering from an early unwanted pregnancy for the last three weeks. I wanted to get rid of it. I found this site while searching on the internet. After reading a few reviews, I learned that Mifeprex was the most highly suggested medication, so I purchased it. It helped me to complete my abortion in about ten days. It was the best buying experience I’ve ever had. Thank you, Abortionprivacy.

Heather F. Richards

Genuine and good-quality abortion pill. An MTP kit was very helpful for me to end an unwanted pregnancy at home. I recommend everyone these pill. Thank you.


I bought the Generic RU486 tablets and started using them on Sunday. I must say they're working smoothly on my undesired pregnancy so far. Hoping for the best results. Thank you so much.

Chloe Davison

I’m very happy with this product. They are easy to swallow and helped me to securely terminate my 7-week pregnancy. I recommend everyone to use them! Thanks.


Great product. It is a hassle-free and safe solution to get rid of early unwanted pregnancy. I ordered Mifeprex which gave me successful results. Thank you so much.

Sophia Hayward

The MTP kit works wonders! I was a bit hesitant to buy it from an online pharmacy but this website changed my mind. Abortionprivacy provides good customer services. I used the live-chat option. The customer person helped me to understand the abortion pill much better. I bought it and had a successful abortion. Thanks to Abortionprivacy for the amazing support.

Shannon Randall

To be honest, before purchasing Cytolog I was a little scared. I thought I'm gonna have some major side effects, but thankfully and surprisingly I haven't had any!! Worked great during my 5 weeks of pregnancy. Thanks a lot.

Charlotte Salvado

I used these pills a few days ago and the results were satisfying. Never imagined that getting such a procedure at home can be done easily. I would highly recommend it. Thank you so much.


Hello there. I was dealing with an unwanted pregnancy of 3 weeks. I read many reviews about the MTP kit so I decided to order them. These pills are good. They effectively started working on me right after the consumption. I began to undergo heavy cramps and bleeding. Glad that the procedure was so easy and that I had a successful abortion. Thank you.


No doubt it's a nice value for money purchase. I'm very familiar with this website and the Cytolog pill too. I used this product when I was 19 years old at that time and now I'm 22. The website still provides the best service compared to others. I really appreciate it.


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Debra L. McKie

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Maria Johnson

This website has managed to maintain quality along with affordability. I have found that these abortion pills are better than others. Although the packaging is good, it does the job. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


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There is a definite and effective abortion pill to use. I am 22 years old and have a pregnancy of 7 weeks. The pills started to work right after 24 hours and gave me satisfying results within 12 days. I would highly recommend these. Thank you.

Bernadine Hanes

Cytolog has been a magical product, as a mother was dealing with 6 weeks of pregnancy it did wonders. It is an FDA-approved pill with no side effects as well.!! I am really really very happy with the product. Thanks a lot.

Kendra Elkins

I found this medicine very effective in the 5th week of pregnancy. My medical practitioner prescribed me this. I had these two tablets from an MTP kit and had relief from an abortion within 8 days. Thank you so much.


My review after using the cytolog for almost 3 weeks now. Everything was good but I must say that this pill will make you sleepier than usual, so if you're a student and working-class who work on a PC then take a rest during those days. Thanks.


A simple approach to abortion. You can use these pills by yourself by just understanding the procedure. I'm sure you will get a positive result. Thanks a ton.

Ella Hudson

Well, this was suggested by my physician to me and it worked well. Being medically approved it's safe to use and yes it arrived in proper packaging. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

Alice Kingsford

I Tried the MTP kit in a single week and got a good result. It is great and a painless solution for women who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. I will recommend it. Thanks a lot.


This abortion pill was recommended by a friend of mine. I found it very efficient. I must add that these pills made me feel nauseous but it works. Thank you abortionprivacy for the pills.

Laurene Hutson

I chosed MTP Kit as it had both the abortion pills. Its affordable in comparison to others. Go for it guys.


The Generic RU486 abortion pill was delivered in discreet packing keeping up with the privacy of customer. Thanks a lot Abortionprivacy. I had an abortion in private.

Annie Evenson

Such an amazing website for women. I had ordered MTP Kit They helped me in every step and made me very comfortable throughout the process and solved all my queries. Thanks a ton guys.


Thanks a ton for making me aware of medical abortion and helping me out throughout the process. This website is the one of the trustworthy and best believe me guys.


MTP Kit is very affordable and effective. You can go for it without having any second thought in mind.


Thank you Abortionprivacy for the Mifeprex pills. I was able to get my abortion without any complications. Much recommended.


Hello there. I was worried about my abortion because I was 6 weeks into my pregnancy. So, After my medical expert recommended it, I used the MTP kit. It worked really well. Thanks to them and you, Abortionprivacy


Before I began I would like to say that abortion takes time so don’t worry about your results. It took me 20 days to complete my abortion process. So try to be calm. Thank you.

Caitlyn Garvin

It’s no secret that few women don’t always feel the greatest while pregnant, and I'm one of them. I'm 27 yrs old but somehow I don't feel that I was able to take responsibility. So, when I found out I was pregnant I began to use Mifeprex which I ordered from this website. Very easy to use and got desired results. Thank you, Abortionprivacy.


Hi, Here is my review after 2 weeks from abortion using the Generic RU486. The pills are great as well as very effective in early pregnancy. I was 4 weeks into my pregnancy and this helped me to get rid of it. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

Mina M. Taylor

The MTP kit is an easy approach to terminating an unwanted pregnancy. If you wanted to undergo a painless abortion, then do use these pills and thank me later.

Rachel Stewart

The MTP kit brings me hope in the midst of distress. It works on my unplanned pregnancy within 2 weeks. I surely recommend these pills to every woman out there. Thanks a lot.


My experience with the MTP kit was as expected. After taking the pills I observed severe bleeding and the process was so smooth after the clots were passed out. I personally recommend medical abortion than surgical abortion.

Amie James

The Mifeprex pills are great, the service was excellent too. The only thing that disappointed me was my shipping being delayed for 2 days which was fine, to be honest. Thanks.


You guys make me feel safe.. Thank you abortionprivacy


I would recommend everyone to use the MTP kit. They are easy to use as well as very effective to get your pregnancy done without taking too much time. Impressed with the results. Thank you.

Melissa McDowell

Abortionprivacy is a website you can blindly trust. The abortion pills are genuine, The packing is also nice. But there is little delay in delivery though.


I will highly recommend anyone to buy Mifeprex. This pill helped me to overcome my unwanted pregnancy within 10 days. Thanks a lot.

Diana Carroll

Extremely helpful.


I ordered this abortion pills for a friend of mine. Right now, she has been going through a post-abortion procedure. Glad these pills worked on her without giving any adverse effects. Thank you so much.

Dana G. Johnson

My order of Generic RU486 arrived last week. Consuming them helped me to get rid of my unwanted pregnancy. Thank you so much.

Nicole Wilson

In my opinion, everyone should use the Generic RU486 abortion pill. They are FDA-approved as well as very safe to use. You can take them as per the instruction just like I did. It is very easy to use. Thanks abortionprivacy


The shipping service is great. I got my order delivered to me within the given date. Much appreciated.

Janie Thompson

I just received Mifeprex tablets in good condition. I have started taking them today as per the instructions. Waiting for good results. Thank you so much in advance.


Okay, I rarely write reviews unless I like the product. I ordered Generic RU496. As a college student, I found this pill very helpful as now I can have my abortion within a week. Am amazed at such quick results. Thank you.


I can't put into words how satisfied I am with this MTP kit. I followed the instructions and took 1 Mifepristone tablet in the morning and 4 Misoprostol tablets after two days, and the results were amazing. Thank you for providing such a genuine product.


The shipping service is excellent. I received my product in good condition. Appreciated!


I have had a good experience using this abortion pill. I tried as I wanted to avoid going to the clinic. A genuine product with no side effects. Thank you.


The MTP kit is a nice and generic abortion pill with no side effects. Must buy the products for unwanted pregnancy.


My post-abortion bleeding was quite painful. However, I treated it as if it were a regular period. I ate a lot of chocolate and made use of the heating pads. It went smoothly, and I was able to complete my abortion. Thanks.


The MTP kit's price point is one thing I like about it. It might be very expensive to buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol individually. However, on this site, you can buy them together at an affordable price. I strongly recommend buying this. Thank you.

Gloria Taylor

So grateful that I was able to use generic RU486. It is the most effective way to end a pregnancy. Also, it has been authorised by the FDA and is completely safe to use. I recommend everyone to buy them.

Gabriella Watt

My friend was considering purchasing abortion pills from various sources, but when I discovered that this website has the best price, so I told her to order them. The website has the best customer and shipping services. Overall, it was a good buying experience with them. Highly recommend this website to everyone.


I took this abortion pill 2 days ago and the results are as I expected. Although, I’m experiencing little cramps and bleeding which is fine. Surely recommended.


Before getting an abortion, my boyfriend and I spoke about it a lot. We eventually opted to get the Mifeprex. I'm grateful that he helped me during the abortion procedure. Thank you very much.


I can confidently say that an MTP kit has helped me to get my abortion done. It has no side effects. I got my abortion within 2 weeks which was great. Thank you.

Allison J. Martin

This is a great and user-friendly online pharmacy. The abortion pills are also 100% genuine. Thanks a lot.


I have purchased the MTP kit from this website at a minimal price. The MTP kit contains all the abortion medications. Conveniently, I could buy both of those pills from the same kit. Thank you.


I wasn't prepared to have another child because I was already a mother. So I decided to go for medical abortion. I found that an MTP kit is great for such an unwanted pregnancy. So I purchased them right away through this website. My abortion took me 15 days to complete. I'm relieved that things went so smoothly. Thank you very much.

Shirley Parker

The live chat section is really user-friendly. You may also attach information about your abortion progress there. With such expert advice, it's simple and the ideal method to have your abortion privately. Much appreciated for this service.


I couldn't afford an surgical abortion as a college student, so I chose a medical abortion. The MTP kit is both inexpensive and simple to perform. If you're searching for an abortion pill on a budget, this is the place to go.


I had a successful abortion with the Generic RU486 tablet. These tablets are both effective and come in a well-packaged box. Thank you very much.


I learned that this website also offers a live chat option to everyone. I used this section to get the cytolog abortion pill. Thanks.


I was concerned that this abortion pill would cause me any adverse effects, but happily, it did not. I'm glad that my abortion went off without a hitch. Thanks.


I purchased Generic RU 486 from this site. I took three days off to give the abortion pill enough time to function properly. In just eight days, I had my abortion. The end outcome was great. Much recommended.


The abortion pills from this website are genuine, FDA-approved, and safe to use on your own. So, go ahead and buy them, girls.


Generic RU 486 abortion pill provides me with a lot of privacy, which I like. It truly was a lifesaver when it came to dealing with my unwanted pregnancy. I appreciate it.


This website provides easy-to-understand information. I used the cytolog abortion pill after reading and understanding a few FAQs on this page. Thanks.

Rebecca Thornburg

The overnight shipping service wowed me and was at a very reasonable price. I would suggest this website to everyone.


I bought the Generic RU486 from this website. I'm glad that I took my time and carefully followed each step, since it resulted in a successful abortion. Thank you very much.

Barbara Lewis

Hi, I had an abortion with the help of Cytolog pill. Because of their service, I would definitely give this website a plus point. I recommend this website to you all.


I started to feel nauseated after taking the Mifeprex tablet. Within a few hours, I was experiencing cramps, bleeding, and dizziness. Thankfully, it didn’t last long. I took a lot of rest and successfully completed my abortion. Nonetheless, I'd recommend this product to everyone.

Elise Wilkins

The MTP kit performs satisfactorily. This abortion pill went well with my 35 days of pregnancy and gave me the satisfactory results. Thanks a lot.

Emma Moore

I do not write reviews, but the site encouraged me to do so. The Customer service is great. I purchased Mifeprex with the help of a professional. Mifeprex was ideal for my two weeks of pregnancy and gave the desired outcomes. Thank you.


The MTP kit saved my life. I bought these when I was 5 weeks pregnant. Thank God, I was able to get my abortion within 10 days. Thank you very much.


I ordered Generic RU486 tablets for my 56-day pregnancy. Those tablets were quite effective during the early stages of pregnancy.


Best website for affordable abortion pills. This was my second purchase from this website after years and they are still the same with their services. Highly recommended.


I had purchased an MTP Kit. Thanks for suggesting me as I had a successful abortion from it. The symptoms were as mentioned and it was easily cured at home.

Victoria Johansen

I would strongly advise any woman to use this website and the MTP kit. Because this includes two medications, the package is the most affordable option. Nice purchase. Thanks.

Kathy J. Benson

The MTP kit is extremely effective and affordable. They arrived before the delivery schedule. Thank you very much.


Excellent website for purchasing Mifeprex tablets. They gave me such excellent results that I had my abortion in two weeks. Thank you,


Abortionprivacy is a trusted online pharmacy where you may securely purchase abortion pills. I received my MTP package, including all of the necessary safety requirements. Thank you very much.


I'm 27 and a happy mother of three children; in this situation, I don't want another child. So I ordered a mifeprex tablet from this website. It was recommended to me by a friend. I'm satisfied with this tablet and the results it provided. Thank you for the tablets,

Hollie Lawson

I'd previously used the MTP kit and had a successful abortion, so I decided to purchase it again from this website. I must say that the MTP kit is reasonably priced on this website. Thank you.


I heard that medical abortion comes with greater privacy, so it is! Every step of the process, from ordering the Generic RU 486 to consuming and dealing with the aftereffects of the abortion, gives me privacy. Thank you so much. I highly recommend it.


It is very easy and the best way to safely purchase abortion pills from this website. With the minimum shipping and product cost, I got my MTP kit on a budget. Thank you.

Rachel Horton

I'm quite pleased with Generic RU486's results. I had my abortion in ten days with no complications. Much obliged.


This website gives you guidelines and directions on how to take abortion pills properly. Thanks Abortionprivacy.


I came here to get Mifeprex abortion pills and had a pleasant delivery experience in return. Thanks Abortionprivacy.


This is the safest website to purchase abortion pills at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend you buy from this website. Thank you.


Personally, I prefer buying RU 486 over any other abortion pill. They are so affordable and give you the desired results easily. Go for it, girls.


I bought Mifeprex for my girlfriend. The pills worked wonders and she had an abortion successfully. Thanks.


Thank you so much for providing me with the MTP Kit by following all the safety guidelines. I highly appreciate your services. Thanks a lot.

Rose Irvin

I followed the instructions carefully and was able to effectively perform an abortion.

Mary Aguilar

I'm grateful that my abortion pills arrived on schedule. I'm on my first dose from the MTP kit, and it's working great. Thank you so much in advance.


My order of MTP kit was well sealed and in a good condition. I had a successful abortion thanks to the medications.

Kristine R

The website is incredibly user-friendly. I took my abortion pills exactly as directed. Thanks a lot, team.


My order was just delivered. I will try them out soon since I'm about to end my 4 weeks pregnancy. Thank you in advance.

Sophia Howe

The MTP kit works well as a complete abortion kit. Pills that are both inexpensive and efficient. I highly suggest you get these pills.


Just ordered my Mifeprex pill from this. I can’t wait to use them. Thanks in advance.


This website has been quite beneficial to me. My online shopping experience was amazing. Keep up the good work, guys.


I got rid of my unwanted pregnancy by using the Generic RU 486 abortion pill. The process went more smoothly than I expected. Thank you.


Mifeprex is one of the affordable and effective abortion pills. Thanks for the pills guys.

Maya Simpson

Thank you for the overnight shipping option. I got my pills more quickly than I expected.

Melissa Tomlinson

The MTP kit is very safe to use. I took them as per the guidelines and it gave the desired results. Much obliged.


I definitely suggest this website to anyone looking to buy abortion pills at an affordable price. They provide real FDA-approved pills as well as occasional guidance. Thank you very much.

Marcella Olivier

This website has several benefits. I received my cytolog tablets within a week. I took them as instructed by the customer service person and had a safe abortion. Such an all-purpose website. I strongly recommend you to purchase your pills on this website.


My product was well-sealed and it came on time in discreet packaging. Thanks a lot.


Unfortunately, I was worried that I might wind up in the hospital as my 8th-week pregnancy had started, but the customer service person helped me in this situation. The good news is that I was able to have my abortion without any hinge as my pills were delivered on time. Thank you for the speedy delivery.


The overnight delivery option is amazing. I received my order about midday. Thank you very much.

Ruby Nicholson

The MTP kit is very easy to use. I’m so satisfied with my abortion. Thank you.

Sara J. Harris

The moment I found out I was pregnant, I burst into tears. So one of my friends suggested the Mifeprex pill to me, and it worked well. Within a week, I had my abortion. It was such a relief. I'm overjoyed that everything went so well. Thank you very much.


I had terrible pains and bleeding after taking the Generic RU 486, but it went away in two days. Thanks for the pills guys.


This MTP kit helped me get through my 32-day pregnancy with no negative side effects. I like it. Thank you.

Georgia Johnson

It was a quick delivery and the product was well-packaged. Very well done.


Generally, e-pharmacy has very few abortion pills but I found this website will all the services and required abortion pills. Thanks a lot abortionprivacy team for making such useful website.


Thanks a ton for making me so confident with medical abortion. I am happy to inform you that I had a successful abortion. All credit goes to the team thanks again.


I would suggest Abortionprivacy to everyone who is looking for abortion pills online. Their service is amazing and they are very supportive. Highly recommended.

Jacqueline Thompson

MTP Kit was super effective and I had a successful abortion with no side effects thanks a ton.


Hi, everyone I am here to provide genuine opinion on medical abortion. To be honest the bleeding is not so painful and it totally depends on the gestation age. I managed it with heat bags and I felt better. MTP Kit is easy to buy and the procedure is also very smooth. I personally suggest MTP Kit for medical abortion.


Shipping charges are comparatively less on this site. Worth buying the abortion pills. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Henson

This pill was so expensive at the other online pharmacies, so I thought I would order it for my friend from this website. The pills were affordable and genuine compared to others. My friend had a successful abortion. Thank you so much.

Jennifer J. Ross

This website is super user-friendly, easy navigation and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to women looking for medical abortion.

Daisy Davison

I was 3 weeks pregnant and suddenly I started falling sick. My husband told me to abort the pregnancy so I planned to go for medical abortion as I was not physically feeling strong. After referring this website I ordered Cytolog abortion pill and took it as mentioned. I am now better and ended my undesired pregnancy easily.


Highly recommended.

Linda R. Monroe

I paid extra for overnight shipping. I ordered it around 3:00 a.m., and it arrived within 2 days. This shipping method is well worth the money.


The payment method on this website is very easy. Thanks for making such a user-friendly website. Ordered MTP kit and it was delivered to me on time. Highly satisfied.

Alicia Garner

I am so glad to inform you that I had a successful abortion with Mifeprex pill and the delivery was also on time. Thanks a lot abortionprivacy.


MTP Kit is the product I ordered from this website and I found it as the best option because it had both the pills. This website has affordable rates. Thank you so much!


I had personally come here to give a 5 star rating to this website for helping me out so much. I will always be grateful to you guys. Thanks a lot. I can’t even express my happiness here. I had a positive outcome.

Tammy Erickson

The delivery of the pills was on time. Thanks to the team for all the services. I was so worried about the delivery anyways thank you so much.

Millie Norris

MTP Kit is the best abortion kit I must say. I has a positive outcome after taking the abortion pill in the first attempt itself. I will highly recommend it.

Brenda C. Williams

Doing so much research online I got this website and they had Generic RU486 abortion pill. Without any thought I just ordered it and got it delivered today. I will be taking the pill now, hoping for a positive result.


Thank you so much for delivering me the abortion pills on given time or else i would have exceeded my gestation week. Thank you again.

Amanda Perkins

I would love to recommend this genuine online pharmacy to women who are confused like me. Their service is also amazing and they are very supportive.


My unplanned pregnancy was turning out a big stress for me so I thought to go for abortion and with pills because I wanted to end it in privacy. So I ordered Mifeprex and no doubt this website has done a great help of mine. I would like to thank everyone.


I ended my unplanned pregnancy with a Cytolog pill. It was an easy process. Just take the pill and bleeding starts. Thank you so much team, you are the best.

Demi Charlton

Awesome website. And the abortion pills are also effective. I had a successful abortion from it. For the first 5 days you will be in severe pain and bleeding but after 5-6 days you will feel better. Must go for it.

Brenda J. Mack

Thanks a lot for delivering me the abortion pills in discreet packaging. I ended my pregnancy in privacy as I always wanted. Thanks again.


This website is super user-friendly. Got all the information via live chat. They are so supportive and helpful. The delivery was on time in fact much earlier than other websites. I highly recommend Abortionprivacy.


Yayy! I got my abortion pills delivered within 4 days. Thanks a lot Abortionprivacy. You guys are a saviour. I am lucky to find this genuine website.


I am really impressed with the abortion pill but we wanted to keep the pregnancy however because of my health issues I was told to abort it. We ordered abortion pills from this website and took it as suggested. Thanks a lot I had a successful abortion.

Darlene Johnson

The MTP Kit seemed effective. It was a very easy process and I did not observe any side effects. Thanks a lot Abortionprivacy for sending me the abortion pills on time.


Thanks a lot for giving my package in discreet packaging. It saved me from letting anyone know about my abortion process.

Eileen Cornwell

This website is very affordable and they also give all their services on time. Highly recommended for medical abortion.

Sandra Barksdale

Must go for medical abortion with Mifeprex and Cytolog. Both pills are equally important for ending unplanned gestation up to 8 weeks.


Easy to use this website. They have segregated things so perfectly. I made a purchase of 2 MTP kits and it got me delivered on time. Thank You you are the best.

Lydia Benson

Best website to order abortion pills. I had a hassle-free abortion with MTP kit. Thanks for all your support team. I will surely recommend this website to my family and friends.

Julia Wilkins

I was 5 weeks pregnant when I came to know about my unwanted pregnancy. My friend recommended me Mifeprex and Cytolog pills and this website too. I ordered the pills and got them delivered on time. Highly recommended for medical abortion.

Linda McGrath

Took the MTP kit as suggested and for the first 10 hours there was severe bleeding and cramps. After few days the pain got ease and I felt good that my abortion was successful with the abortion pills. Thanks abortionprivacy.


I must say this website is so genuine. They provided me with all the details about the process and order. I personally rate it 5/5. Keep it up.

Margaret C. Sandlin

Brilliant! This website works wonders. I was having trust issues with online pharmacies but this website just made my trust. I ordered abortion pills and they gave me all the details about my order. The pills were delivered on time and were sent in discreet packaging. Thanks a lot abortionprivacy I will definitely recommend it to others.

Linda L. Williams

Best quality pills and they are really safe. They helped me in getting rid of my unwanted pregnancy easily. Thanks a lot guys.


It was my mind-blowing purchase. Finally I chose the MTP Kit for ending my unplanned pregnancy. I am already on my abortion process and it is going smoothly thanks a lot abortionprivacy.

Rosa D. Werner

This website is just Awesome. I can’t just explain it to you the amount of relief I had after my abortion got completed. Thanks a lot abortionprivacy.

Kimberly R. Smith

I think I made a good choice. Mifeprex seems to be a genuine and good tablet. I am giving this reviews after using it.

Sarah Drake

The pills are super Excellent. I had a rough and tough abortion though but it was worth the surgery. Thanks a lot abortionprivacy for suggesting me the medical abortion procedure with MTP Kit.

Jean W. Morris

Highly recommended. Mtp Kit is a pack of 5 pills which is best for ending your undesired pregnancy. You can easily get it on this website.

Susan S. Moores

Best website in the Market. I was dealing with an Unwanted pregnancy issue and got in touch with this website. They helped me a lot in understanding the process and making it successful.


I loved the product very much, fully satisfied with the results. It was the same as said. No side effects, good packaging and speedy delivery.

Sienna John

The abortion pill is super powerful. Finally got rid of my unwanted pregnancy. Thank you so much abortionprivacy for suggesting me the abortion pills and guiding me with the process.


MTP kits are very effective and they give 100% effective results. I would highly recommend this kit to every woman who are looking for medical abortion.

Keira Morrison

The MTP Kit works excellent. It helps in terminating unwanted pregnancy faster than expected.

Sophia Goddard

I was looking for some genuine website for my medical abortion. And I got this one. After going through the site it felt genuine and user friendly. My first purchase was an MTP kit and it was delivered to me on time. I will stick to this website from now on. Thank you.


Very satisfied with the usage of the Mifeprex pill. Got a positive result within 15 days. I am so happy to go for medical abortion and get a good amount of privacy.


I and my boyfriend had unprotected sex which led us both in a big problem of unwanted pregnancy. I came to know about it when I missed my period. Without waiting for a second we ordered abortion pills from here as this website is very trustworthy and it was recommended to me by one of my friend. No doubt they were very helpful and delivered the pills on time. Thanks a lot abortionprivacy.

Alexandra Marsh

My abortion was successful within 10 days. I loved the process. It was easy and long but better than going for surgery. Thanks a lot.

Sofia McLean

The best process for ending the unplanned pregnancy. They also provide complete information on their website. I personally suggest this website for abortion pills.

Maya Warren

Go for MTP Kit as it is really worth the money. Your abortion is not at any risk and you will feel like normal menstruation. Highly recommended.


Hi I am 27 years old and married. We were not ready for the baby because of some financial issue and so we planned to have a medical abortion with MTP Kit. I ordered it from this website and got it delivered on time. I had a successful outcome. Thanks a ton!

Isabella Walters

MTP Kit is a really good product, I have used it earlier and it ended my pregnancy effectively. It’s my second purchase from this website.

Olivia Daniels

I was very surprised with the result, the bleeding was not so severe and when I did the pregnancy test after 15 days it came negative. Thank you so much.

Anna Grant

Mtp kit is the best abortion kit I have used till now. I chose it based on the Reviews. Glad that I made a perfect choice.

Gloria J. Coleman

My friend suggested me Cytolog pill for medical abortion and it worked wonders. Awesome product that really worked and the best point is it is natural and feels like a natural miscarriage. And lastly, thank you to abortionprivacy for all the service.

Olivia Norman

I have used the Generic Ru486 abortion pills lately and these have definitely helped me in getting my abortion done successfully. I feel so good. worth the money.


MTP Kit is an Amazing product... I have looked for so many abortion pills but found this one genuine. nothing worked till I ordered this product. My pregnancy was successfully aborted with it.


The packing was clear and the dose and how to use it are mentioned on the label itself… very well done abortionprivacy I will definitely recommend your website to others as well.


Great Quality abortion pills. It worked well and it helped me to get rid of my unwanted pregnancy. Thank you so much.

Megan Hart

I strongly recommended Mifeprex abortion pills product to women having unwanted pregnancy-related issues. I had a positive outcome within 14 days. Thank you so much abortionprivacy.


The pills are awesome guys. If you are also looking for abortion pills then you can definitely go for MTP Kit from this website.

Mary G. McClung

Thank you so much for delivering the product on time. I was so worried about the delivery but it came as expected. Thanks again.


The packaging was good and delivery was also fast. I liked the effectiveness of the product and had a positive outcome. Thanks


Cytolog pills work effectively without any side effects. Taking this pill I had a successful abortion. Thank you so much abortionprivacy.

Christina T. Fernandez

Cytolog pills work effectively without any side effects. Taking this pill I had a successful abortion. Thank you so much abortionprivacy.

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