Privacy Policy

We at Abortionprivacy value our customer’s privacy and protect their interests in online abortion pill purchases and experience for healthcare. Here are the ethics we uphold:

  • You can be assured of safety as we do not share or reveal your personal details such as name, physical address, email address, telephone number, and other information.
  • Some of the above-given details are usually required when registering on the site, but it is for our system alone and not shared with a third party.
  • Your financial details are secured and all the transactions happen through a secured gateway.
  • The information and personal details you provide us are to fulfill the customer service requirement, improve the shopping experience, take feedback, and other needs. However, this sensitive data is highly protected from misuse.
  • We give you access to browsing our website without malicious activities. But our site is not responsible for any applications or links that you use externally from any third-party source, which poses a threat during the browsing of our website.
  • To use the services and place an order for the pills, you have to log in with your registered email address and password.
  • We use cookies on the website. But if you want to turn off the settings for it, the facilities and features on our platform will be there for you still.
  • The site has a privacy policy and other pages in place but changes to these may occur at any time as per our discretion, and you need to keep a check on the sections you want to perform any activity on, to stay updated with any recent changes to them.
  • We do not misuse any personal and sensitive information you share with us. Your details are secured and never shared with any unconcerned parties. Also, we do not send any soliciting marketing materials or engage in spamming on our website. However, you can expect emails about your order and updates for it from our end.

Last but not the least, your interaction with our team of experts on any medium be it email or live chat, stays private. So, you can freely talk to us, seek guidance, look for support, or know more about our products and offerings without having doubts in your mind about security and privacy.