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Mifeprex is the primary medication in the process of terminating unwanted pregnancy by using abortion pills. It is generally prescribed with Misoprostol. Women can buy Mifeprex online and do an abortion for the pregnancy under 8 weeks of gestation.

The medication abortion using Mifeprex is a safe and proven method with 98% of accuracy and over the last two decades, about 40% of all abortion performed in the USA has been done with abortion pills.

The medication abortion method has earned its popularity because of the low cost, greater convenience and amazing result as well as being medically approved and safe to perform.

How Does The Mifeprex Abortion Pill Work?

Mifeprex contains Mifepristone, which terminates the pregnancy by stopping the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the fetus. Mifeprex does that as it has antiprogesterone properties and it blocks the receptor for the progesterone in the body.

Progesterone is an essential hormone for the growth of the fetus and the continuation of pregnancy. When the Mifeprex blocks the receptors, there is no nutrition for the fetus and it stops growing further thus pregnancy terminates.

The pregnancy remains are expelled from the womb by the action of Misoprostol, which is usually prescribed and bought at the same time as when women buy Mifeprex online to complete the abortion procedure.

Who Can Opt For An Abortion With Mifeprex Pills?

Women with unwanted pregnancy with gestation under eight weeks can safely use abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy safely by following the instructions.

Women must take an ultrasound pregnancy test before consuming the pills. There are two advantages to doing so.

  • It will help to figure out the exact duration of pregnancy which has to be under 56 days.
  • The ultrasound test also helps to determine the exact location of the fetus growing inside the body.

Sometimes fetus growth grows inside the fallopian tube called tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. In these cases, the abortion pills will not be effective as it acts inside the uterus.

So when the fetus is growing inside the uterus which is also known as uterine pregnancy women can buy Mifeprex online and use it to terminate a pregnancy.

How To Prepare For The Medication Abortion?

Following simple steps can be done to make the abortion process smoother for you.

  • Buy your medication, nowadays you can easily buy Mifeprex online from a trusted pharmacy website.
  • Choose a comfortable cloth and place for the procedure and also make sure that there is an emergency room in the vicinity where you can go if something goes wrong.
  • Stock some sanitary pads in advance to be used to soak the bleeding during the abortion process. Use of anything that has to be inserted inside the vagina like tampons and menstrual cups can lead to infection.
  • You can also buy some over the counter pain relief medicine or tablets to help you with the pain you will experience during the process.
  • Take a day off from all kinds of your responsibility for the second day of medication as it will be best to be rested that day.

What Is The Dose and Intake Method For Abortion Pills?

For pregnancy under 8 weeks of gestation generally, a 200 mg Mifeprex pill is consumed with a glass of water.

After the passage of 24 hours to 48 Hour from your primary medication, you will take a Misoprostol 800 mcg dose which is divided into four 200mcg pills either by oral intake or vaginal intake. In both these methods, the pills have to be kept in the buccal cavity or vagina for about half an hour to be dissolved undisturbed.

Note that you are not supposed to chew on the pills or crush them as this may reduce the effectiveness of pills. If any content of the pills remains unabsorbed in a case where you put it in your buccal cavity you can just swallow those after half an hour.

What Is Expected After Consumption Of The Pills?

  • When you buy Mifeprex online you decide when and where you want to take the pills. After taking the second set of medication within a few hours you will experience cramping and bleeding.
  • This campaign will be severe than what some women experience during their normal menstrual cycle as it is pushing the thickened uterus wall contents out.
  • The bleeding will also be heavier as compared to the menstrual cycle and it will go on for 6 to 8 hours.
  • After a few hours, bleeding will slow down and will come near the rate of what you experience during your normal menstrual cycle. It is supposed to continue for about two weeks.
  • There can also be some side effects like headache, nausea, vomiting, mild fever, back pain, and diarrhoea. All these symptoms will last for a short period and gradually decrease and are usually easily treatable with medication.

How To Know If Abortion Was Successful?

  • The camping and bleeding that you will experience during the abortion process is also an indication of the process being successive going forward.
  • Most women can observe the clot which can be the dead fetus and other pregnancy tissues passing through vaginal discharge. This may not be so obvious to the naked eye if the terminated pregnancy was at a very early stage.
  • It is important to schedule follow up appointment and take a blood pregnancy test for an ultrasound to confirm the complete removal pregnancy after the 15 days of an abortion.
  • Keep at least two weeks of a gap between the abortion process and your follow up appointment because while pregnancy is terminated it takes time for symptoms of pregnancy to go stop showing.

What Are The Necessary Precautions?

  • Avoid travelling during this period.
  • Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, heavy exercises or straining physical activities.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least 15 days or until you get your next menstrual cycle.
  • Remove intrauterine devices before taking medication.
  • If you observe symptoms like difficulty in breathing, fainting, or blood clots bigger than lemon you should get help from a medical practitioner.
  • If you have allergies to the contents of abortion pills or similar chemical you should not take the pills.
  • Share your medical history as well as the medication you are currently taking with your doctor.

Where Can You Buy Genuine Mifeprex Online?

You can buy Mifeprex online from our website. Thousands of women trust us to buy their medication from us. We provide medically approved and high-quality medication at the most affordable prices possible. We also give multiple shipping and payment options for convenience and great customer service.

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