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What is Generic RU486?

The abortion pill, also known as Generic RU486 is widely known for ending a unwanted/unlanned pregnancy in early-pregnancy stage. The pill is medically approved by FDA and it is one of the easy and affordable alternatives to surgical abortion. The brand version of Generic RU486 is Mifeprex. If you are planning to get rid of your unwanted pregnancy within 8 weeks then you can opt for medical abortion with Generic RU486 and buy Generic RU486 online. The abortion pills are easily available on our website abortionprivacy.

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What is the abortion pill used for?

This medicine is recommended for medical abortion. You can easily buy Generic RU486 online. It contains anti-progesterone which helps to block the progesterone hormone essential for pregnancy to grow.

You just need to take 200 mg of orally with water and wait for some time. The bleeding and cramps will start soon.

This medication may also be used for some other conditions which may be discussed by your medical practitioner.

How many Generic RU486 pills do I need to end pregnancy?

Ending your unwanted pregnancy with Generic RU486 pills will depend on your pregnancy week. For instance: If your pregnancy week is within 7 to 28 days (1–4 weeks) then you can go for 1 pill, however if your pregnancy week is more than 29 days upto 63 days (5-9 weeks) then you can go for 2 pills for the safer side.

What should you know before taking the Generic RU486 abortion pill?

Do not go for this treatment if you have the following problems

  • If you have an ectopic pregnancy
  • If your pregnancy period is more than 8 weeks
  • If you have an IUD installed then you may need to remove it before taking the abortion pills
  • If you have anaemia or any type of bleeding problem
  • If you take steroids from a long time
  • If you have porphyria or adrenal gland problem
  • If you consume any medication that lower the chance of blood clots

Inform your medical expert if you are:

  • Are a breastfeeding mother
  • Have allergy to the medication
  • If you have blood pressure issue, sugar problems, heart, kidney or lung disease
  • Have QT syndrome
  • Have smoking or drinking issue

How to use the abortion pill?

Firstly, you are required to know that you are eligible for medical abortion before you buy Generic RU486 online. After getting eligible you can visit our website, order abortion pill and get it delivered to your doorstep.

If you have installed an IUD then it must be removed before starting the medical abortion. On the first day, you need to take Generic RU486 in the strength of 200 mg orally.

Some medical experts also recommend taking Misoprostol with Generic RU486 for an effective abortion process. So if your expert recommends you to take Misoprostol then you can take four pills of Misoprostol buccally or vaginally.

After 15 days you need to go to your health care provider and do an ultrasound check or physical exam to check if you had a complete abortion. If in case you do not have a complete abortion then you may need to repeat the dosage again.

If the misoprostol (second drug) is taken more than 2 days (i.e 48 hours) after the mifepristone, the mifepristone (Mifeprex) may be less effective. Ensure that you take your medicines on time.

For either medicine, your healthcare professional may alter the dose and the time you take it. If you have any queries regarding the doses, be sure to ask your provider.

You'll need to go back to your doctor for a physical exam or an ultrasound scan 14 days after starting the treatment to see if the abortion was successful. If it hasn't, a surgical abortion may be required.

What should you consider while going for medical abortion procedure?

If you experience a fever of 100.4°F or more, which may last longer than 4 hours, or the other physical symptoms like weakness, diarrhea, nausea, fainting, vomiting, with a continuous flow of heavy bleeding, and rapid heartbeat, then we advised you to contact your healthcare practitioner promptly.

Sometimes, serious and severe bleeding or infections may occur after an abortion.

Vaginal bleeding may not necessarily indicate the end of a pregnancy. You must ensure the success of your abortion with the help of an ultrasound scan and another physical exam. If your medical abortion fails in any way, you may seek another round of medical abortion.

Heavy bleeding may require medication, curettage, cauterization, IV infusions (a gradual trickle of saline solution through a syringe into a big vein), or fluid replacement in some cases. Make sure you know when and how to reach a healthcare provider if you require medical assistance before you buy Generic RU486 online.

Tell your healthcare provider or dentist that you are taking this medicine if you need emergency treatment, surgery, or a dental procedure. Keep a copy of your medication guide on you at all times.

You may be at a higher risk of issues if you are over 35 years old and smoke more than fewer cigarettes a day. This is something you should discuss with your healthcare professional.

It's typical to have bleeding or spotting for 10 to 14 days. You may experience some bleeding for up to 30 days. This is something you should discuss with your healthcare professional.

After an abortion, but before your monthly cycles resume, you can become pregnant. If you require birth control, speak with your doctor. As soon as the abortion is verified, birth control can be started.

Without your healthcare provider's permission, do not breastfeed after taking this prescription.

If you have a lot of discomforts, bleeding, or other serious side effects, your physician will advise you on what to do. It is important that you should have the required details of the nearby healthcare provider to help in your emergency needs.

If this treatment fails to give you the desire results about abortion and if the pregnancy continues to go on, then the baby might be born with major birth abnormalities. This is why it's important enough to check in with your healthcare physician to see if the abortion was successful or not.

What are the common side effects of Generic RU486?

Some of the common side effects should be known before you buy Generic RU486 online.

With its common symptoms, the abortion pill may also cause some undesired side effects. Some may be mild and some can be severe. Mild side effects can go away within a day or two however if any side effects stay for a longer duration then immediately inform your medical expert.

Some common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, fever, stomach pain, abdominal cramps, severe bleeding, cramps, etc.

Some severe side effects are chest pain, heartburn, fainting, allergic reactions such as rash, hives, itching, swelling in the throat, tongue, lips, etc.

Thus, if you buy Generic RU486 online from abortionprivacy we ensure that you will have a safe abortion at home by making you aware of all the things before starting the procedure.

Abortionprivacy is also listed on some of the reputable websites such as PlanC, Ms. Magazine,, Public News Services, etc.


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