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Cytolog pills are used in medication abortion where only medicines are used to remove the pregnancy. Women buy Cytolog online along with Mifepristone, which is prescribed generally in combination with Cytolog to have an effective medication abortion.

Around half of all the women in the world face unwanted pregnancy sometime in their life. Those women who want to remove their unwanted pregnancy which is under gestation of 8 weeks can buy Cytolog online and do their own abortion safely at the comfort of their home.

Why Do Abortion With Cytolog Pills?

If you're wondering why should you buy Cytolog online abortion pills for the medication abortion here are some advantages listed below.

  • It provides greater privacy In the abortion process.
  • It is less invasive and you do not need to use anaesthesia for it.
  • There is a lesser risk of infection as no surgical tools used in this method.
  • It is more affordable compared to other options.

Medication abortion Cytolog and Mifeprex for the gestation under 8 weeks has been recorded to have an efficacy of 98%.

Doses of the Cytolog pills

Cytolog is an abortion pill that contains Misoprostol. For pregnancy under 8 weeks, 800mcg of Misoprostol needs to be consumed. This dose is divided into four 200 mcg pills. And it has to be consumed 24-48 hours after the intake of primary medication, Mifeprex which is a Mifepristone 200 mg pill.

Intake method

Cytolog pills can be consumed by the buccal or vaginal method as both these methods are equally effective and are described below.

Buccal intake method

When you buy Cytolog online you can choose to consume it through the buccal cavity. For this, it is advised that you should drink a glass of water before placing the pills in your buccal cavity as doing so will facilitate better absorption of the pills.

The four pills are placed as 2 each in both cheek pouches and have to stay there for about 30 minutes to be observed in the body through saliva. After half an hour if there remain any contents of the pills unabsorbed you can just engulf those contents. Do not Crush or chew the pills. Crushing the pills can reduce the effectiveness.

Vaginal intake

For this method first, take a comfortable position that can be lying on a bed, sitting or standing on one leg to put the pills inside your vagina. The pills have to be inserted with your index finger as deep as you can, one after the other.

Wash your hands before insertion of the pills and do not use any other object to insert the pills as that may lead to infection.

Mechanism of Cytolog

Women buy Cytolog online to do their abortion because it has an essential role in the process of abortion. After the primary medication terminates the pregnancy Cytolog causes contraction in a wall of the uterus and expels the fetus as well as other pregnancy tissues out from the body.

What Is Expected To Happen After Cytolog Intake?

The Cytolog causes strong contractions in the uterus wall so the thick lining of the uterus during pregnancy can be loosened and removed from the body. These contractions can be felt as cramping which will be stronger than what women experience during the menstrual cycle.

Within a few hours, there will also be heavy bleeding which is a sign that the process is going as expected. Through this vaginal discharge, the fetus and the pregnancy tissues are being removed from the body and this heavy bleeding does continue for a few hours.

The cramping and heavy bleeding reduce while bleeding is expected to go on for about two weeks at a lighter rate after a few hours.

Some minor side effects are expected as abdomen pain, headache, back pain, feeling of nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea fever and chills. All these symptoms last for the short-term and gradually decrease and are easily treatable with the medicine.


  • Take up a blood pregnancy test or an ultrasound test to determine the exact duration of pregnancy which has to be on your 8 weeks of gestation.
  • Abortion pills act inside the uterus so this is important that the pregnancy is normal uterine and not ectopic pregnancy which grows inside the fallopian tube in which case abortion pills will not be effective.
  • Remove intrauterine devices before starting the process of abortion.
  • Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and consumption of harmful drugs.
  • Avoid heavy exercises and straining physical tasks as well as travel.
  • Inserting anything in the vagina during this process may lead to infection so, do not indulge in sexual intercourse during this period.
  • Used sanitary pads to absorb the bleeding instead of anything that has to be inserted inside the vagina.
  • If you have issues related to organs like the heart, lungs, liver and kidney you should talk to your doctor about it.
  • Share your medical history and details of the medication you may be currently taking with your doctor.
  • In case of pregnancy older than 8 weeks of gestation consult a physician for proper dosage.
  • Choose comfortable clothes and a place for the abortion.
  • On the day when you are scheduled to take a Cytolog dose, it is best to take full rest and take a day off from all of your responsibilities.
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother, store some milk in advance and do not breastfeed while you are under the effect of medication.

When To Call For Medical Help?

Medication abortion is a safe process yet there are some signs that if you spot those you should seek medical help.

  • If bleeding does not start within 24 hours of Cytolog intake.
  • In case you feel difficulty in breathing, get blurred vision.
  • If the clots passing through vaginal bleeding are bigger than the size of a lemon.

Where To Buy Abortion Pills?

You can buy Cytolog online from our website where you will get a medically approved high-quality medication at affordable prices. You will also get multiple shipping options so you can get your medication easily according to the time that you required it.

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Olivia Norman

My friend suggested me Cytolog pill for medical abortion and it worked wonders. Awesome product that really worked and the best point is it is natural and feels like a natural miscarriage. And lastly, thank you to abortionprivacy for all the service.

16 Dec, 2021

Christina T. Fernandez

Cytolog pills work effectively without any side effects. Taking this pill I had a successful abortion. Thank you so much abortionprivacy.

10 Dec, 2021

Christina T. Fernandez

Cytolog pills work effectively without any side effects. Taking this pill I had a successful abortion. Thank you so much abortionprivacy.

10 Dec, 2021